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Outfit Details:

Wood Watch (JORD, mine is from their Dover series!), Sweater (Mango, similar here), Utility Pants (Anthropologie), & Sunglasses (Ray-Ban)

*This post is in collaboration with JORD. All opinions are my own.*

Today’s post is a super exciting one because I’ve partnered up with JORD to giveaway ONE $100 off gift code to use toward one of their wood watches! I’ll talk more about that soon! First, I wanted to show you this awesome wood watch from JORD’s Dover series!


The one that I am wearing within today’s post is the Zebrawood & Dark Sandalwood. Now, if you guys have been following my blog since its inception, you’ll know that I am obsessed with any and all jewelry, more specifically, watches!

I’ve been wearing a watch daily since I was in high school. I’ve always loved the look of wearing one, and not to mention, how they’ve helped me be on time! I think that one of the reasons why I initially loved wearing a watch was because it’s such an uncommon accessory among the millennial community. But, not for me!


Whenever I’m in the market for a new watch to add to my collection, I’m always keeping an eye out for the following details:

1.) The quality of the timepiece

2.) How well it will integrate into my wardrobe

When I received my JORD watch in the mail, I knew from the get-go that I chose the perfect timepiece for me because it exceeded the expectations listed above. The quality and resilience of a wood watch is absolutely incredible, not to mention, how cool is it to have a wood watch!? I was so in love!


JORD does an awesome job with the packaging of their watches, which was something that I found totally unexpected! Most watches that you buy online or in-store just come with a boring box and that’s it. JORD’s comes with this super cute and useful cedar box for your wood watch! I thought it was the coolest thing ever because I’ve never seen so much attention to detail in any of the packaging from other watches that I own.


When I took it out of the package, my first words were, “Whoa baby!” Besides the fact that my reaction was reminiscent of Michelle Tanner on Full House, I really was amazed! I chose this particular watch because it had more of a masculine edge to the design of it, and because it had visible gears that you can see and hear churning.

Besides the awesome packaging and the quality of the watch, I wanted to share a couple things that really impressed me about this particular one.

First off, whenever I’m watch shopping, I have a really difficult time because my wrists are really tiny, so 99% of watches are far too big on me. JORD takes the hassle out of going to a watch repair shop and having links taken out because they have a ruler on their site that you can measure your wrist with so that the watch comes fit to your specs. How awesome is that?! Also, this watch is self-winding, so no need to worry about replacing the batteries!


Second, because it’s a watch made of real wood, you may wonder about the care that such an item requires. The cedar box isn’t just for the aesthetic of the packaging — it serves as the temperature and humidity lifeline for your watch.

There’s a vent at the bottom of the box that contains a humidity pack that ensures your watch stays in tip-top shape! It also came with a cleansing oil to keep the wood moisturized, which I thought was so helpful to include.


My JORD watch came at the perfect time as summer comes to a close and fall is just over the horizon. A wood watch to me just adds a level of comfort and warmth to an outfit, which is why I’m so excited to wear it with my favorite sweaters and jackets!

As I briefly mentioned above, the Dover series of JORD’s watches are classified as being a men’s wooden watch, due to their bulkier style and structure. But, that’s exactly why I chose it! By wearing this watch, it takes away the need to wear any other accessories because it speaks for itself. And, a wood watch is seriously such a conversation starter! I can’t tell you how many people have stopped me at work, in a store, and at Chipotle, asking where I got my watch.


For today’s post, I paired my JORD watch with one of my favorite sweaters and a pair of utility pants. Styling-wise, I tried to streamline what I was combining together to ensure that my look wasn’t too feminine or too masculine, as to not overpower the awesomeness of the watch.

Quick story about this embroidered sweater. It was my favorite thing that I bought for myself when I was in Paris a couple months ago. Whenever I wear it, it reminds me of my trip and gets me super excited for my next opportunity to go back!


Back on track, I chose the utility pant for this particular outfit because I thought that it added an extra edge to my overall look that the watch initially created. Not to mention, these are one of the softest pairs of pants that I own. I’m honestly debating on going back and buying the other two colors!

The key to styling this particular JORD watch is to play off of the structure and masculine style of it by combining it with bright colors and varying textures. Blending the natural wood of the watch alongside a super soft pant or jean, and topping it off with a little embroidery is the quintessential combination for fall!


Now, about that amazing giveaway! One lucky winner will win a $100 off gift code to use toward a JORD watch of their choosing! If you’re not the lucky winner, you will still receive a $25 off gift code to use toward one of their watches, simply for filling out the giveaway! So, technically it’s a win-win situation here, so enter for your chance to win big by clicking here! Don’t hesitate to enter! The giveaway will end at 11:59 pm on September 24!

Until next time! Have an awesome week everyone!

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