Wearing White After Labor Day

Happy 1st of September!

How crazy is it that summer is nearly over and the unofficial beginning of fall (Labor Day) is almost here!? I hope that you all have something fun planned for the long weekend!


Outfit Details:

White Pants (Gap, similar here), Denim Sweater (Urban Outfitters, similar here), Denim Jacket (Urban Outfitters), Off-White Sandals (Jeffrey Campbell, alternative option here), Wood Watch (JORD) and Necklace (Beads and Things)

With summer’s end on the horizon, I hope that the season gifted you with lots of fun experiences, spontaneous adventures, and time to do the things that you love.

For today’s post, I wanted to focus on a fashion rule that I totally don’t listen to, or even regard as a legitimate rule for that matter.

Not wearing white after Labor Day.


I’m not sure who invented this, or why they thought it would stand the test of time, but either way, I’m here today to talk about why you shouldn’t abide by this particular rule.

I can’t tell you how many times customers at the clothing store that I work at tell me that they love a white sweater or white pants, but that they can’t buy them because they’ll only wear them in the summer.

That is not true!

If you find a blouse, sweater, pants or shoes that fit you amazingly and are super comfortable, would you really let the color of them dictate if you bought them or not?

I know that I sure wouldn’t!


For me, I think that brighter colors are staples that you always need in your closet. Whether it be a classic white shirt that you wear frequently, or a really awesome pair of bright white boyfriend jeans: If you put the rule aside, you would absolutely wear white after Labor Day!


I guess that I understand why this rule came about in the first place. With Labor Day being the unofficial start of fall, it’s often believed that it’s time to take all of your bright clothes out of your closet and bring in those darker shades for fall and winter.

But, why can’t we just keep all colors in our wardrobes year-round?! 

Basically what I wanted to convey to you all today is that you shouldn’t feel like you have to put certain items in storage for next year just because of what color they are! If you want to spice up an outfit in the fall with a bright blue shirt, just do it!

I’ve done it before, and honestly it feels pretty awesome! With winter on the far — I mean very far — horizon, wearing bright colors alongside some darker ones will add that necessary pop of summertime into an outfit during the cold and frigid months of winter.

Now, I’ve never been one to wear completely white jeans. I just haven’t found a pair that I really, really like, which is why I opted for this white with blue floral pair from the Gap. I love the pop of blue because it reminds me of summertime!


I paired them with a denim sweater and a denim jacket, making it the perfect go-to outfit for fall. On that note, I want to mention that you can totally wear varying shades of denim together! I love combining the different blues and seeing how they bounce off of each other. Yes, it may scream of a Canadian Tuxedo, but I still love it!


Can we please just talk about this denim jacket?! I’ve been in need of a new one for a while now, but I didn’t just want a classic one — I wanted something out-of-the-ordinary. I found this while shopping at the Urban Outfitters in Charleston, and the second I saw it, I was like, “I MUST BUY IT.”

I love how retro it looks and how it makes me feel like I just stepped out of “Stranger Things” aka my favorite show ever!


Anyways, I paired this outfit with a pair of off-white sandals, just to add another pop of brightness to this post-Labor Day look.

I think that the biggest thing I’ve realized about my personal style is that I’ll blend anything together that I think looks cool, despite what people may think about it.

That’s how you should think about your own personal style, too!

Who cares what anyone else has to say about it, if you like what you’re wearing, then rock out and be confident, you awesomely-cool-person you!

My necklace is one that I made at this awesome beading store where I went to college. The charms that I put on it were a lawn gnome, a magic 8 ball and a pretzel. Three things that make absolutely no sense together, but kind of represent who I am!

The pretzel because honestly, who doesn’t love an Auntie Anne’s pretzel every now and again?!

The Magic 8 Ball because I’m totally a believer in things happening for a reason.

The Garden Gnome, well, I guess it would be because I, too, like to protect my plants!


Back on track with the point of this blog post, I want to challenge you to keep some of those white pieces in your closet and wear them however you please as we head into fall. Wearing bright colors doesn’t have to end as soon as the Autumnal Equinox begins!


Well, that’s all that I have for ya today! I’ll be back on the blog this coming week with some exciting new content about this awesome wood watch from JORD!

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Have an awesome weekend!

Until then, keep smilin’, dance around to some cool jams — like the songs on this playlist— and keep spreadin’ those stylishly good vibes!




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