Puma Mayze Sneakers

The Only Sneakers You Need This Summer

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Although I’m wearing jeans and long sleeves, it’s finally starting to feel a bit more like springtime around here! If you caught up on my last Monthly Must-Haves post, you’ll know about my obsession with these Puma Mayze Sneakers! I thought I would use today’s post to feature them again and show how I’m styling them for the season.

The reason why I bought these sneakers in the first place was because I wanted an elevated pair that I could wear with dresses and skirts. I love my Vans with all my heart, but sometimes I want something that’s a bit less edgy. Cue the Pumas! The last time I wore Pumas was in the sixth grade. I vividly remember having a pair of purple suede Pumas that I wore on the first day of school. They were the trendiest sneakers at the time, so of course I had to have a pair!

If you’ve followed along on the blog for some time now, you know that I have HUGE feet, so finding shoes that are cute and comfortable is no easy task. What’s funny about these shoes is that when I ordered them, I really didn’t think they were going to fit because they’re a half size smaller than what I typically wear. When I got them in the mail and slipped them on, my first reaction was WOW WOW WOW, okay these are great!

They felt like walking on a cloud!

I have very high arches too, which is every dancer’s dream, but not a dream when it comes to buying shoes that are comfy to walk in. The platform plus the pink stripe also screams my style, so I couldn’t be happier with the purchase!

If you’re looking for a more elevated pair of white sneakers, have no fear—I have other great options on my wishlist below!

Puma Mayze Sneaker

Thousand Fell Lace-Up Sneaker

Saye Vegan Offwhite Sneaker

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Backpack: Portland Leather Goods | Buttondown Blouse: Anthropologie | Jeans: MOTHER | Blouse: Caite & Kyla

Well, that’s all I have for you today! I’ll be back on the blog soon with another post for you!

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