Domino Effect of Fashion on Social Media Platforms

Happy Friday, friends! For today’s blog post, I decided to spin two ideas together. First, wearing things because you like them — not just because someone else is, and second, pairing unexpected items together.

The fashion-blogging world is super populated with tons of creative minds doin’ their thang and showing off their style. But, something that I’ve always been cognizant of is the recurring trend of certain clothing items or accessories being seen over and over and over again, until the next “cool” thing comes into the picture.


Let me preface this a little better. The circle of trends that I mentioned above is a little something that I personally like to think of as the domino effect. It’s something that’s talked about pretty heavily throughout the course of history, but I think it has started to play a role in the social media world today.

When you see an item that a well-known influencer is wearing, whether it be designer or not, you may obsess over it, but the likelihood of you buying it is less — that is, until another blogger/influencer who you can more closely relate to wears it. Then, the trend continues in a constant cycle, like dominos falling, until the next big thing comes around. Does that make sense?! 


The reason why I’m talking about this on the blog is because I want to provide you, my readers, with 1. relatable content and 2. fresh apparel that’s not plastered all over social media platforms. I’ve always been the kind of person who does the exact opposite of what everyone else is doing, especially when it comes to fashion. I find so much pleasure in buying really obscure and unconventional pieces of clothing and then pairing them with more understated pieces. It’s kind of my thing, I guess you could say.

What I’m trying to say is that my hope is to show you how to style certain pieces and feel comfortable stepping outside of your own styled ‘comfort zone.’ You’ve just got to rock whatever clothing you’re vibing with, and you should never be worried about what others will think!



Now that my rant is over, onto the next topic of this blog post: pairing unexpected items together to form one collective look! Some of you may know this, but others may not. I work in retail part time and I absolutely love it, which is the reason why I’m always on the forefront of clothing each season.

Today’s look was something I hadn’t necessarily intended on buying, but came to love the second I tried it on. The minute that I saw this striped blouse, I was sold, but like anyone, I have far too many tops and not enough bottoms. So, I knew that if I was going to buy the blouse, I needed to find a pretty versatile bottom that wasn’t jeans.



This skirt is a mix between a mini and midi skirt, which is why I love it so much! It caught my eye the minute that I walked into the store for my shift, but I wasn’t sure if it was just one of those pieces that I liked to look at or one that would blend with my style. Needless to say, I decided to try it on — with the striped blouse, might I add.


When you look at the two pieces as separates, you wouldn’t necessarily think to pair them together. But, something about the colors side-by-side made me think that I could make it work with the right styling. One of my coworkers even said that she had never thought of pairing these two pieces together. Just goes to show that if you throw care to the wind and trust your gut, you can rock some pretty rad outfits, my friends!


Well, I don’t want to make this blog post super long, so I’m going to leave you all with a couple things to think about the next time that you’re shopping or putting an outfit together.

Just because something is popular on social media doesn’t mean that you have to incorporate it into your wardrobe.

Like I said before, keep it real and be different! You’re all such unique human beings and that’s an incredible thing to possess. So, own it!

Never worry about looking like a weirdo for pairing unconventional things together. We’re all weirdos in our own way! Be confident in yourself and that will shine through!

Have the best weekend, my friends!

I’ll be back on the blog next week with some more fresh content for ya!

Until then!

Alicia <3 

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