How to Style Tie-Dye for Fall

How to Style Tie-Dye for Fall

Hi, friends! Welcome back to Stylishly Good Vibes! I’m on the blog today to share my tips for styling tie-dye for fall! I know tie-dye was a huge trend in 2020, but it’s still having its resurgence in 2021! It’s so simple to dress it up or down—especially if it’s a pattern play like the piece I’m wearing today! Let’s dive in to this trend as I share styling tips and my new favorite tie-dye piece for fall: the Marlowe Dress from Caite & Kyla!

Who is Caite & Kyla?

I was gifted this dress from Caite & Kyla, which is one of my favorite companies I’ve had the pleasure of working with since I started my blog. Founded in 1998, Caite & Kyla offers handcrafted pieces that are designed for the free spirit. I can’t imagine a better brand to fit my vibe!

How to Elevate Your Look

When it comes to tie-dye, the key to elevating your outfit is choosing a print that is limited to 2–3 colors in the same family. This dress, for example, has varying shades of blue/purple. The simplified color palette is perfect for styling from day to night without looking like I stepped out of a time machine from the ‘70s.

If you’ve followed along on the blog for a while, you know that I don’t like anything plain—especially when it comes to clothes. I absolutely love that this dress incorporates the floral print at the bottom because it blends so well with the tie-dye. It’s unexpected and fun, which you know I’m all about!

Picking the Right Tie-Dye

My best piece of advice for picking what article of clothing you buy in a tie-dye pattern is this: if you wouldn’t wear it on a first date, choose something else! I think tie-dye is much more elevated in a dress than say, a button-up blouse. But that’s just personal preference!

The Key to Accessorizing

I wanted to keep it simple with my accessories for this look, opting for my go-to white Panama hat and a pair of knee-high suede boots. Although the brown in the boots isn’t a perfect match with the dress, it still works. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it againyour outfit doesn’t need to match perfectly for it to look great! I personally hate when things are matchy matchy. It looks too . . . sterile LOL. I’m weird, I know, but I would much rather play it up than be boring with my style.

So, let’s recap how to style tie-dye for fall!

1. Choose a tie-dye print that incorporates 2-3 colors from the same palette.

2. When searching for a tie-dyed piece to add to your wardrobe, think about when and where you would wear it. A dress will be more versatile and elevated, while you may not get as much use out of a blouse or skirt.

3. Keep your accessories simple. Let the tie-dye speak for itself!

Well, that’s all I’ve got for you this week! I’ll be back on the blog soon to share more fall style tips with you!

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