Microneedling: Everything You Need to Know

Hi, friends! Welcome back to Stylishly Good Vibes! I took a little break from the blog because I had some exciting things happening in my personal life. I got promoted at work, which has been a long time coming and something I’ve been working toward for several months. To see it all come full circle felt amazing and I’m so excited to be working in an industry that I love: skincare and beauty!

Which brings me to today’s blog post: microneedling! This facial is one of my absolute favorites. I’ve had it done five times, so I wanted to share all of my experiences with you. Let’s get started!

What Is Microneedling?

Microneedling, or collagen induction therapy, is a cosmetic facial procedure that punctures the skin with tiny needles. Think of it as a pen that has a bunch of tiny needles at the top of it. That pen is moved across all areas of your face, creating wounds to stimulate skin regeneration. It also stimulates collagen and elastin production, so the skin looks more plump and radiant over time.

Why Do I Love Microneedling?

I started getting microneedling done two years ago, and I will never go back! I enjoy getting this facial done 2–3 times per year to help with acne scars and skin texture. I was on Accutane twice—once in high school and once in college—so I’ve definitely had my fair share of not-so-great skin. Although my skin is much clearer and healthier now, I still have some scarring and texture spots that I’m self conscious about. That’s the truth! I know that my skin will never be perfect, but microneedling has helped me feel more comfortable in my own skin.

How Much Does It Cost?

Now, I can only speak of this from my own experience, so I’m not entirely sure what the cost will be like in other areas. As a member at a med spa in Cleveland, I get a discount on facials. It’s a monthly membership that I pay for and absolutely love as a “treat myself” kind of thing. With my discount, my procedure generally costs $240. As I mentioned above, I only get this facial 2–3 times per year so that I can strategically budget for it. Budgeting is the only way I’m able to do all the skincare treatments I love!

What to Expect?

Before Your Appointment

Let’s talk pre-procedure tips. If you use any type of retinoid (Retin-A, Tretinoin) or a retinoid-like formula (Adapalene), you’ll want to stop using it at least 5 days before the procedure. I say 5 days because if it’s your first time getting microneedling done or you have sensitive skin, you want to create the healthiest canvas for this facial. Sometimes those retinoids can cause some skin sensitivity and irritation, so it’s best to just give them a break for a handful of days before and after the procedure.

At Your Appointment

When you get to your appointment, make sure you come with clean skin. Just remove your makeup beforehand to make it easier. If you’re not able to do that before the appointment, it’s fine. Your esthetician can do it for you! The first thing that you will do once you get into your treatment room is have a numbing cream applied to your face. You will sit with this cream on your face for 20ish minutes to make sure your face is gooooood and numb.

Then the procedure begins! Everybody’s pain tolerance is different, but I definitely feel this facial the most on my forehead and near my hairline. That skin is the thinnest skin on your face, so if this facial is going to be a bit uncomfortable, it will be uncomfortable on your forehead. The last time I got this done, I didn’t feel the microneedling pen AT ALL on my cheeks or chin. That’s the numbing cream for you!

The entire procedure takes anywhere from 30–45 minutes.

Post-Procedure Tips

Immediately after the procedure!

Once your facial is done, your face will be red and feel a bit tight. This is normal. To be honest, your face will probably have red spots for up to 5 days—or at least that’s how it typically is for me. My esthetician gave me a couple sample sizes of after-care cream to use for the first three days. This cream is designed for post-procedure skin, so I’m sure that your esthetician will offer you something similar after your procedure as well.

After you leave your appointment and make it home, chill out and relax! This facial is the perfect excuse to hunker down at home and do nothing because your face will look a little alarming lol! You also shouldn’t do any intense workouts for at least 3 days post procedure.

I also keep the dried blood from the procedure on my face until the next morning. Before I go to bed on the day I get microneedling done, I apply the after-care cream all over my face.

Your skin will still be red the first day post-procedure. I always tell friends that if you’re going to get this procedure done, take some time off of work on a Friday to do it so that you have all weekend to let your skin heal.

What Skincare Products to Use Post-Procedure

The skin products you use post-procedure are IMPERATIVE. To wash the dried blood off of my face, I use Grace + Stella’s Foaming Face Wash. After gently lathering it all over my face, I rinse and pat dry. Then, I immediately apply Neocutis AfterCare. That’s it. That’s all I do morning and evening for three days after the procedure. Simplicity is key right after microneedling, so keep that in mind. You don’t want to return to your usual skincare routine for at least 5 days. Also, don’t slap makeup on your newly resurfaced skin—let it breathe!

Typically, I start introducing some of my usual skincare products on day 4 post-procedure, then back to my full routine by day 6. You just have to play it by year depending on how your skin is healing. The easiest way to tell if your skin is ready to return to your usual routine is if you have no peeling or flakiness.

Final Thoughts

1 week post procedure!

After you’ve had microneedling done, you’ll want to hold off on using those retinoids I mentioned until a week after the procedure. By that time, skin sensitivity has definitely decreased and you hopefully won’t have to worry about aggravating your newly resurfaced skin. Also! When you have microneedling done, you want to wait two weeks before you do any other types of procedures or facial treatments. Botox? Wait 2 weeks. Chemical peels? Wait 2 weeks. At-home peel pads? Wait 2 weeks.

Well, there you have it! All the details on my own personal experiences with microneedling. I will say that microneedling is NOT for everyone. My suggestion would be to go in for a consultation prior to scheduling a cosmetic facial procedure because the esthetician may think another facial would be better for your skin.

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below!

Until next time!


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