The Shoes You Need in Your Closet for Fall

Hi, friends! I’m back on the blog to share a pair of shoes with you all that I think are a wardrobe essential for fall! I want to mention that this post is sponsored, as I was gifted the shoes that I will be featuring. My opinion will always be my own.

Shaking Up Your Shoe Game

Since I started working from home what seems like 1,000 years ago, I’ve realized that I really only wear two pairs of shoes out of the house: my Vans and my Docs. But I’ve been looking for an elevated pair to shake up some of my favorite looks, which is why I’m so excited about the Adina Lace-Ups from Vionic!

It’s a company that I’ve worked with before and one that I truly love sharing with you!

Quality over Quantity

Shoes MAKE an outfit, but I’m all about quality over quantity especially when it comes to footwear. What I love most about Vionic is that their shoes are made to keep you moving. Those shoes in your closet that give you blisters and make your feet hurt? Yeah, stop wearing them! Invest in quality and you will not regret it!

All of Vionic’s shoes help to support natural alignment, which is something I’m all about! I go to the chiropractor monthly, so it’s important for me to wear shoes that help keep me aligned in between visits. They honestly feel like I’m walking on a really supportive cloud! It took me about three wears to break them in, but I never once got a blister.

The Oxford style of these shoes is a favorite of mine and one that I’ve consistently tried to incorporate into my wardrobe. When I’m looking for a flatter shoe to wear for my thrilling trip to the grocery store each week, I will most certainly be grabbing these!

What to Pair with These Shoes

I chose a skirt and cropped sweater for this look, but the styling options are limitless! Whether it’s skinny jeans and a blouse or bootcut cords and a fisherman’s sweater, the oxford style will have you styling fun, unique outfits all season long!

Well, that’s all I’ve got for you today! I hope that you enjoy the rest of your week and I’ll be back on the blog soon with another new blog post!

Until next time!


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