One T-Shirt Dress, Three Ways

Hi, friends! Wow, it’s been almost a month since my last post. The month of October has been really busy—but the exciting kind of busy! I’m officially an auntie, celebrated another year around the sun, and had some great socially-distanced times with friends!

Since I started posting more reels on my Instagram feed, I’ve noticed that you really enjoy the styling videos. So, I wanted to provide you with another that’s perfect for this crisp fall weather we’re having!

I love a good t-shirt dress, but it took me almost a year to find the one I’m featuring in today’s post! This one is by the brand T. La, which you can find at Anthropologie.

What I love most about this t-shirt dress is that it fits tight on the top, but loose near the bottom. The burnt orange color is also a great neutral that you can easily style with other pieces and patterns. I won’t hold up this post any longer—let’s get started!

T-Shirt Dress + Cropped Sweater

This is such an easy combo to dip your toes into styling a t-shirt dress. Because this t-shirt dress is very plain, I wanted to play it up with the sweater. Of course, you could have chosen a more simple cropped sweater if that’s your style!

This ballon-sleeved sweater from Urban Outfitters is such a great layering piece, especially for this look. Here’s my tip to you: when buying sweaters, sometimes you need to spend a bit more for quality that lasts.

T-Shirt Dress + Buttondown Blouse + Denim Jacket

I wasn’t sure how this look would turn out when I picked all the pieces, but I really love it! The embroidered buttondown blouse from Caite plays really well with the color of the t-shirt dress.

Plus, this is an easy way to break up the dress. I would definitely recommend tying this blouse at the bottom. Leaving it untucked will look sloppy. I added the cropped denim jacket as another layer to mix with the orange of the dress (complementary colors!).

T-Shirt Dress + Military Inspired Jacket

This look is definitely edgier than the others, but that’s what I love most about it! Whether you choose a military inspired jacket like this one or opt for another, it’s easy to take this look from work, to running errands, to lounging at home.

If you decide to take a different approach than the one I shared, try to think outside the box and choose something other than a denim jacket. I have nothing against denim jackets—I love them! But, they are a basic piece of clothing that should be added as a final touch—not the focal point of an outfit. There are other jacket options out there that have fun patterns or embroidery! Check out Free People for some inspiration on what to search for.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for ya today! I’ll be sure to get my butt to the blog a bit more next month with some gifting ideas and more!

Until next time!


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