Fall Essentials You Need in Your Closet

Hi, friends! Fall is HERE and I couldn’t be happier about it! This cool weather is just what my body needs after a summer without air conditioning. It was an adventure to say the least!

Everyone has their own variation of fall essentials, which is why I wanted to share mine with you! My hope is that you can gain inspiration for your own fall wardrobe, incorporating new pieces you would have never thought to.

Let’s get started!

Dr. Martens Leona Boot

Let me start by saying that I love Dr. Martens with all my heart. They are my go-to boot from fall through winter. This particular style is my absolute favorite because they’re platform and extremely comfortable. I wore these for my nine hour shifts at Anthropologie and my feet never hurt afterward. The sign of a great boot if you ask me!

Whether you try the Leona Boot, or you opt for a different style of Dr. Martens, you won’t be disappointed. Wear them with boots, skirts, dresses—you name it.

I think the biggest hesitation about wearing Docs is that you think you have to create the *perfect* outfit to wear with them. You absolutely do not! As long as you love them and enjoy wearing them, nothing else matters! Just wear something that makes you feel like you and the boots will be the perfect final touch!

Midi Skirt

I can’t get enough midi skirts. This style is perfect for going from work to dinner with friends (pre-covid, of course!). I’ve been really into midi skirts that have a small slit because I think it just gives something extra without showing too much, ya know?!

This pattern-mixed midi skirt is a fall favorite of mine from Urban Outfitters. Unfortunately, I got it as a gift a few years ago so it’s not currently available. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I keep clothes in my closet for a WHILE. So, although this skirt isn’t in stock, Urban has a bunch of other options to choose from!

Long-Sleeve Turtleneck

I used to HATE turtlenecks when I was a kid. Back in the day, I remember my sister and I had matching pumpkin turtlenecks that we always wore on Halloween and I absolutely hated every minute I had to wear it.

Flash forward to now and I really don’t mind them! It depends on my mood, though, but I definitely tolerate them more. I love this long-sleeve option because it’s amazing for layering. I’ve worn it under a dress, under a vest, or just as an extra layer when I’m outside in the winter.

This one is from Free People and I couldn’t recommend it more. Now that I think about it, their selection of basics is top notch if you need anything like that in your wardrobe.

Teddy Coat

You need a Teddy Coat in your life. That’s all I have to say! Okay—let’s be real, I always have way more to say! I love this style of coat for fall because it provides just the right amount of warmth without making me sweat bullets.

I’m usually not a neutral-toned clothing person, but when I tried on this coat in my most recent Stitch Fix delivery, I knew I needed it. Given, I have this exact same style of coat in baby pink LOL, but you can never have too many coats—especially when you live in Cleveland!

Stetson Hat

If you love wearing hats, you’ve got to get a Stetson at some point in your life. The quality is immaculate and the fit is unlike any hat I’ve ever worn. It truly feels like the hat is made for your head. This hat is 100% me as a hat. It has my favorite colors (pink and purple) and it makes a statement. Yes and yes.

I bought this hat at Maufrais in Austin, which I would definitely recommend visiting if you ever make a visit to the city. My best piece of advice when buying a high-quality hat is to try it on in person. Ordering one online only to have it not fit the way it should is such a bummer. Plus—I loved having the professional opinion of someone who understands the design of a Stetson hat.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for ya this week! If you decide to incorporate any of these fall essentials into your wardrobe this season, please tag me or let me know! I would love to see how you style your pieces!

Until next time!


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