Current Skincare Obsessions

Hi, friends! Welcome back to Stylishly Good Vibes! I’m back on the blog on this lovely Friday to share some of my current skincare obsessions. You probably already know I’m obsessed with all things skincare, so let’s just dive right into the products that have been on repeat in my routine.

Clinique City Block Purifying Charcoal Mask

This mask was something I randomly decided to pick up from Sephora the last time I was there. For some reason, I have zero self control when shopping there. Anyone else? Anyways, the reason why I bought this mask was because I really needed a detoxifying mask that targets acne.

My skin has been going through this weird transition and I’m just trying to get a better handle on it! This mask has helped so much since I started using it. Because it’s a mask and exfoliator, I don’t use it everyday. If you over exfoliate, you can exacerbate any current issues you have. Don’t want that! I leave this mask on for 5-20 minutes and it leaves my skin feeling calm and clean.


I love Curology. I think that everyone should use it even if you don’t have acne. Curology is a company that has doctors and nurses on staff who create a customized acne treatment just for you. Basically all that you have to do is fill out a questionnaire and then submit photos of your face. Then, they go to work making your unique formulation!

I’ve had really great results since getting back into using Curology. I took a break from using it a couple months ago and I think that’s why my skin kinda took a turn. I’ve been back to using it for about three months now and my breakouts have decreased significantly.

Indie Lee Squalane Facial Oil

I have combination skin, so I’m always looking for non-comedogenic facial oils that I don’t clog my pores. This one has been absolutely amazing. I use it in the morning and night. It’s such a good starter oil, as I like to call it. If you’re looking to incorporate a facial oil, but not sure which one to go with, choose this one.

Squalane is fantastic for hydrating and balancing out the excess oils on your face. It wears really well under makeup, too, so if that’s a concern of yours, it shouldn’t be! I also love Indie Lee products as a whole because they’re all clean. YAY!

Volufiline15 Eye Essence

This eye essence was a definite splurge for me, but I’ve noticed almost immediate results since I started using it. Although I don’t have many wrinkles around my eyes, I’ve started to notice a few that become more defined when I put on under-eye concealer. So, I wanted to find a product that filled those lines so they weren’t so prominent.

The Volufiline15 Eye Essence helps to prevent your concealer from caking, which is amazing. I’ve noticed that it makes my under-eye area more soft and smooth. It’s filled with Glutathione and other peptides to give your under-eye area a lively look.

Good Medicine Beauty Lab Purity Tonic

I found this company on Instagram a couple months ago and decided to order a small starter pack of sample products to try—this being one of them. I’ve been using it every night and it’s so refreshing! It acts as a toner to reduce inflammation and combat bacteria on your face that can cause acne.

It feels super lightweight on the skin. I might be crazy, but it almost seems like my pores open up and take a deep breath after I apply this tonic. I also want to mention that this company only makes products in small batches, so you’re getting the highest quality possible.

Good Medicine Beauty Lab Clarity Face Cream

This was another product from the starter kit that I’ve been using at night. It is super calming and smells really yummy and fresh. It’s filled with antioxidants and phytonutrients to soothe and hydrate your skin so it feels like new by morning.

I’ve only been using it for about three weeks now, but I’m already impressed with how balanced my skin looks in the morning. I used to see dull texture and redness, but since I’ve added this to my nightly routine, that has all but vanished.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for ya today! My current skincare obsessions that I will definitely be using for months to come. As always, if you have any questions about the products mentioned in this post, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Until next time!


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