Lazy Day Outfit Idea

Hi, friends! Welcome back to Stylishly Good Vibes! I hope your week has been super stellar and fun! I’m back on the blog today to share a quick little post about what I love to wear on my days off—otherwise known as my “lazy days!”

I’ve mentioned it before on the blog, but if you’re new here, I’ll let you in on a secret! I don’t own a single pair of sweatpants. It’s not that I’m against them, they’re just not my style. So yes, I wear jeans during my downtime because jeans are like my version of sweatpants. Call me cookoo, that’s fine, but it’s the truth!

This post is pretty much a “me” starter kit, so if you’re looking for a lazy day outfit to wear, you came to the right place! Let’s get started!

Button-Fly High-Waisted Jeans

I’ve talked about these before, but they are literally my favorite pair of jeans. I’m sure I’ll have to retire them soon because they’re getting a little bit too distressed for my liking, but until then, I will keep sharing excessively.

I used to hate high-waisted jeans, but I have since been converted! I personally love Free People’s high-waisted jeans because they’re a true denim. Not too stiff, not too soft—just right! I know that they are on the more expensive side of denim, but you will get so much wear out of them, trust me.

Military-Inspired Jacket

This was another Free People find—this time from their sale rack! It’s a little bit edgier than what I usually wear, but I love how unique it is! Seriously such a great layering piece for spring, winter, and fall in Cleveland. I love throwing it over graphic tees, tanks, and blouses.

I personally like my jackets to fit a little bit looser, so that’s why I bought this a size big. Totally your preference, but if you buy it a little bigger, you can layer! You know how I love my layers!

Stay Golden Graphic Tee

I bought this tee while I was still working at Anthropologie. I have more graphic tees than I care to count. For real, when dElia’s was still a thing, I would buy two tees a month. Because of my obsession, I’ve kind of got the hang of the fabrics and fits that align with my style the most. I like a looser fit because I have a long torso, so if I don’t buy bigger, I look like a Goonie.

I’m still trying to work on my color palette, as I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post, and this tee blends right in. Plus—it’s made of such soft, high-quality cotton that I know will last for years. Buy quality and you get more years of wear. Very simple, my friends!


These are the shoes I instantly grab out of my closet whenever I leave my house on a day off. I choose my Vans since I wear my Dr. Martens all week long. I have a bad habit of wearing my Vans in the snow, too, which isn’t the best idea, but oh well!

I have two pairs of the slip-on checkered Vans and I can’t recommend them enough. They are designed as more of a skater shoe, so they don’t offer tons of arch support. I would be careful if you wear them when you’re out exploring or walking for long periods of time. TBH, your feet will probably be tired.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for ya this week! A lazy day outfit idea! Throw on your favorite lazy day outfit and hit the town this weekend!

Until next time!


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