3 Ways to Style a Button-Down Blouse

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Today’s post is all about this tealembroidered button-down blouse. It was #gifted to me by one of my favorite brands to work with, Caite. This blouse is such a pretty jewel tone, and I love that I can pair it with just about anything in my closet. So, I decided to share my favorite ways to style it!

Let’s get started!

Button-Down + Skirt

This combination can be a little daunting at first. I used to hate button-down blouses for the very reason that I wasn’t confident in styling them. But, as I’ve got older and more comfortable in my style, they have become one of my favorite pieces to style. Time changes things, folks!

I’ve said it before on the blog and I’ll say it again — the front knot is something you have to master to knock this look out of the park. This button-down is made from a thick, velvety material, which means it’s a little harder to tie. But honestly, if I can tie this one, you can tie a cotton or poly-blend button-down, too!

To tie my button-down, I unbutton the last three buttons and make a knot. Next, I’ll look in the mirror to see how the first knot looks. Then I finish tying with one more knot. Styling Note: You shouldn’t have really long tails sticking out of your knot. That looks tacky. You want them to be as short as possible without coming untied.

Button-Down + High-Waisted Jeans

I live in these jeans, so arguably an easy and practical choice for pairing with this button-down! High-waisted jeans that have a button-fly are my jam because they’re fun and give an edge to any outfit. I wanted to show off the button-fly, so this time I chose a tuck.

To tuck this button-down into these jeans, I don’t button the last 2-3 buttons. Unbuttoning just makes it easier for me to tuck. You could definitely keep all the buttons buttoned, but I think that makes it more difficult to get the tuck you want.

If you didn’t want to do a full tuck with a button-down, you could always just tuck one side in and leave the other side out. I’ve seen this styled many times and it looks cool with the right accessories.

Button-Down + Dress

I’m all about layering, especially in the winter. I have a lot of summer dresses that I don’t get much wear out of this season, which isn’t cool! So, in order to get the wear out of them that I paid for, I’ll layer with a button-down blouse or sweater.

Like I said before, this jewel-toned teal blouse complements so many colors and patterns in my closet. Although I don’t have any dresses that match perfectly with the teal, I make it work. Plus, I think it’s more fun when an outfit isn’t too matchy-matchy.

When pairing a button-down with a dress, you can either choose to knot it in the front, like I explained above, or your could leave it open and unbuttoned. If you choose to leave it opened and unbuttoned, the dress you pair it with should be a.) form fitting or b.) belted. Adding a western-inspired belt to a flowy dress is one of my favorite ways to accessorize.

Well, that’s all I have for ya today! I hope it gives you a little inspiration the next time you decide to style a button-down! Wishing you lots of good vibes for the week ahead!

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