A Fashionista’s Guide to Stitch Fix

Hi, friends! Welcome back to Stylishly Good Vibes! I hope this week has been awesome and filled with good vibes.

Today’s post is all about something I’ve been meaning to talk about on the blog for a while now: Stitch Fix. I’m sure most of you have heard of it, so I won’t bore you with all the details!

How I Fell In Love with Stitch Fix

Let me take you back to this past June when I stumbled across an article in Inc. magazine about Stitch Fix.

Long story short, the article talked about how Stitch Fix uses an artificial intelligence algorithm to determine your style. Obviously, AI has been a hotly debated subject as of recently, so I wanted to enroll in Stitch Fix as a self-experiment.

Could a clothing subscription service, like Stitch Fix, get to know my personal style as well as I do?

Challenge accepted!

To make an account on Stitch Fix, you have to take a pretty comprehensive style evaluation that asks just about every personal style question you can think of. From there, the AI compiles your results and you wait for your Fix to be generated by your personal Stitch Fix stylist! So, yes, there is a human element to Stitch Fix, which I love, but you still get to experience how powerful AI can be.

When you’re about a week out from your Fix arriving, you get charged $20. That money goes toward your Fix as a credit, so if you keep items, you essentially get $20 off!

There’s also something really cool that works alongside the AI to determine what you get in your Fix, and it’s called “Style Shuffle.” This is a series of photos in the Stitch Fix app that you either thumb-up or thumb-down depending on if they are your style. I find myself doing Style Shuffles when I know I’m due for a Fix soon. It’s just another way to make sure the items in your box align with your personal style.

When my first Fix arrived, my jaw literally dropped. I loved EVERYTHING. What the . . . AI, man, it’s crazy!

Let the AI Do the Work

I set my Fixes to arrive every other month, but you can skip months at a time without being penalized.

The second Fix I received wasn’t as great as the first, but it got consistently better when I started doing more Style Shuffles in the app. The most recent Fix I got was so spot-on it was spooky, so I’m really pumped to see what’s in my next one! I got this sweater and top in one of my Fixes and I would have never found them had it not been for Stitch Fix.

So, Why Do I Use Stitch Fix?

So, why does a fashionista who is passionate about styling herself use Stitch Fix to find pieces? Because I shop at the same places, day in and day out. Working at Anthropologie was great, but I really only bought clothes from there and its sister stores (i.e. Urban Outfitters, Free People). Now that I’m done working there, I’ve had to change my shopping habits entirely, which has been difficult! But, Stitch Fix has made it easier on me!

I want to find clothes from new brands I’ve never heard of, and Stitch Fix makes that possible — with clothes that get delivered to my door.

Stitch Fix has become my little treat to myself, and I absolutely love getting Fixes. So, if you’re thinking about giving it a try — go for it! I think it’s really fun and realistically, it’s highly unlikely you’ll receive multiple Fixes of things you don’t like. The AI really does know you pretty well!

Well that’s all I have for you!

Wishing you a great weekend full of fun!

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