Transitioning Into Pre-Fall

Hi, friends! Welcome back to the blog! Since returning from my vacation a couple weeks ago, I made a promise to myself that I would leave time in my schedule to blog. So, let’s get started with another new post!

I know some of you will hate me for saying this, but summer is coming to an end. I’m sorryit’s the truth! As much as I love the sunshine, I couldn’t be more excited to start transitioning my wardrobe into fall.

September is always weird in Cleveland, that’s why I’m calling the month “pre-fall.” It’s not quite cold enough to bring out your boots and cable-knit socks, but you can probably get away with wearing a jacket every now and again.

My Pre-Fall Wardrobe

When I was doing a little shopping last month, I was disappointed at the lack of pre-fall clothes I could find. During that shopping trip, I literally bought one dress and a pair of jeans that I already owned. But, not finding things ended up working in my favor because around that same time, one of my favorite brands to work with, Caite, sent me some pieces from their fall collection!

If you haven’t seen my previous blog posts featuring their clothing, I’ll link them here, here and here!

Staying True To My Style

As someone who falls into the “fashion blogger” category, I’ve always been committed to sticking with my personal style — not skewing just because a company wants to send me something for free.

I don’t agree to work with everyone, so when I do share a brand on my blog, just know that I really believe in what they’re doing and I want to share that with you! 🙂

Brand Love

What I love most about Caite is that each piece of clothing is individually designed and ethically handcrafted. Their pieces are truly unique in every sense of the word, and that’s inspiring to my personal style.

This tunic dress was one of the pieces I received from their fall collection and I’m obsessed. It’s one of those two-for-one pieces that I can wear as a dress or over a pair of distressed jeans. With the pre-fall weather we’ve been having in Cleveland recently, I’ve been going for the dress option, accompanied by a pair of Dr. Martens.

The Big Picture

Transitioning into fall doesn’t have to mean that you throw all your summer clothes in a bin and call it a day. It also doesn’t mean you have to bring all your sweaters out from storage! Think of it as a mix of the two — high/low styling with the addition of layers here and there.

I’m so excited to share the rest of the items I received from Caite! Be sure to keep a look out on the blog and my Instagram to check out my favorites. 🙂

Until next time!

Have a super fun Labor Day Weekend!


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