The Fall Trends I’m Loving | Featuring Caite

Hello, and happy Monday, dearest digital friends! I love starting the week with a new blog post that gets me all excited for the week ahead! As I mentioned in my last blog post, my life has been a little more hectic than I’m used to, so I’m sticking to one blog post a week.

That way, I can be proud of the content I’m creating versus writing endless amounts of content that I’m not always the biggest fan of. Quality over quantity, am I right?! You know, I’m my own biggest critic because I really love this blog and writing content for all of you. So, cheers to not stressing out to the maximum by jam-packing our schedules with too much work!

Okay, now that I’m done rambling, I wanted to get to the topic of today’s blog post! At work and in my social life, I often get asked what trends people are shopping for — or which trends I’ve added to my closet. Truthfully, I’m the worst person to ask about trends. I don’t follow them. I mean, if it just so happens that something I buy ends up being trendy for the season, then so be it. But, it’s super rare for me to go out shopping with the intention of buying a trend piece.

However, because I work in retail and I’m surrounded by super stylish people on the daily, I’m able to get a glimpse into what people are really wearing versus what fashion publications tell us they’re wearing. The trickle-down effect plays a huge role in the world of fashion, but sometimes those super high-fashion trends don’t reach the real world until late in a fashion season. This often leaves us, or me, wondering whether or not it’s even worth it to try out a trend before another one makes its way into the picture.

Despite this, I’ve recently started creating my own trends for the season and sharing them with the people who I’m closest to. No, I’m not a trend forecaster or style expert, but I know what works and I see what people are out there wearing and shopping for.

Today’s post is all about blouses, and I’m sharing three of my favorite trends for fall with a little help from Caite*. This company has become one of my favorites for their one-of-a-kind pieces that display the true workmanship that goes into creating a garment. So much love for Caite and their entire team! 

Let’s get started!

Trend 1: Velvet Buttondown 


The velvet trend is so luxe — I love it! I’ve never owned a blouse like this until now and I must say it’s definitely a forever piece in my wardrobe from here on out. I love the vintage-inspired floral embroidery down the front because it gives an elevated look. As you’ve probably noticed from my style on the blog, I really don’t wear many basic pieces because I get bored of them. This blouse is the perfect ‘statement basic’ because it’s not entirely plain — it has something extra about it.

This piece isn’t one that I would unbutton and knot at the bottom. I know that’s something I tend to do when I wear buttondown blouses with skirts, but this fabric is too thick for knotting. Plus — I don’t want to get permanent wrinkles in the velvet from doing that! I love pairing this top with a crisp pair of black jeans, or one of my more colorful statement pants. This top* also comes in a sapphire blue and burgundy, so if the turquoise isn’t for you, there are other options!

Trend 2: Patterned Blouse With Asymmetrical Hem 


You all know I love a good tunic. I definitely prefer them over shorter blouses, so this piece is the perfect addition to my fall wardrobe. What I love most about this blouse is the asymmetrical cut. There are so many blouses out there that it can be overwhelming while shopping, to say the least. But this blouse stands out because of how unique the fit is. If you ask me, I’ll tell you that asymmetrical clothing pieces are IN, and it’s such a simple trend to add to your wardrobe. Plus — this fit* is universally flattering and it comes in other patterns as well!

Trend 3: Geometric Print Pullover


I love casual pieces that can be easily dressed up with a change of pants and the addition of jewelry — and this pullover fits the bill. I have no shame in saying I’ve been wearing this top once a week because I love it so much. The geometric print has so many colors in it, which makes it simple to pair with my extensive collection of colored jeans and chinos. It’s flowy and more of a tunic-style in length, so you know I’m all about it! 

Geometric prints are definitely bold, but I think this top takes that trend and softens it up a bit for real life. I love the addition of the tassel ties and the little pom-pom balls on the bottom hem. So fun and unexpected! As I mentioned above, I’ve been pairing this pullover* with everything from light-wash jeans to pink corduroys. Honestly, the options are endless!

As I was writing this blog post, I kind of had a mini epiphany about my personal style and how I perceive trends. Following what celebs are wearing or buying things you see in fashion magazines is totally cool and everything, but wouldn’t you rather buy a trend piece that you can wear with multiple items in your existing wardrobe AND one that lasts for more than one season? For me, practicality outweighs trends, and if I don’t think I’m going to get more than a few seasons out of an item, it’s not worth my time.

What I love most about all of these trends is that they fit perfectly into my existing wardrobe, while still inspiring me to experiment with new fits and patterns. That, my friends, is personal style in a nutshell!

Whew, what a blog post! I’m really excited about this one, so I hope you all enjoy reading about some of my favorite trends for the season. As always, if you have any questions about size or fit, let me know in the comments below.

I appreciate every single one of you who’s reading this! This blog is a part of who I am, and I love getting to tell my story to all of you. <3

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Until next time!

Alicia <3 

*This asterisk (*) notes that an item within this blog post was gifted to me by a company. All opinions are my own.

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