Why I Hate Buying Jeans

Hi, everyone! Happy Monday! I hope your week has been amazing so far! 🙂 Today, I wanted to talk about something I’m sure we can all relate to: buying jeans. My daily uniform is jeans, especially on days when I’m off of work. I wouldn’t say that I’m a jean snob, but when I find a pair that I like, I wear them until they’re basically falling apart.

I’m really picky about where I buy my jeans from. I tend to spend a little more on brands I know will last more than one season.

Before my most recent jean shopping trip, I’d bought one new pair of jeans, but sadly ended up throwing them out because the quality was not what I’d expected. More on that later! Anyways, ever since I threw those jeans out, I’ve been hesitant about buying a new pair.


My go-to pair of jeans for the past year has been my dark wash Hudson skinny jeans that I bought at Nordstrom Rack for $40 a couple years ago. Although those jeans still look great, I obviously need to have more than one pair. So, two weekends ago I decided it was time to go jean shopping.

I’ve had incredible luck buying jeans at Nordstrom Rack. They have tons of different brands and fits for incredible prices compared to retail. Jeans are that one article of clothing that I think you need to shop in-store for. Obviously, if you know your size and the brand you’re buying, then yeah, sure, buy online. But for me, my size is different for every pair of pants I own!


For the longest time, I was buying one size of jeans because that’s just what I thought fit me comfortably. But then I started to run into the issue of my jeans being too big and baggy as the day progressed.

When I went to Nordstrom Rack last weekend, I decided I wasn’t going to look in my size section for jeans; I was going to look in all sizes. Denim is weird sometimes and no brand is going to fit the exact same way as another, so sometimes you have to try on a bunch of pairs to find the right fit!

The pair that I’m wearing in today’s post is one that I bought during my recent adventure at Nordstrom Rack! They’re True Religion’s that were marked down to $99, and I know that’s a little steep, but I loved the fit, so I was willing to pay that amount. It was just my luck that when I rang out, the pants ended up being further reduced to $56! Talk about a win!


I ended up buying another pair of jeans during this trip as well, which I’ll share on the blog later this week or next. You want to know the funny thing — both pairs I bought are totally different sizes. Like, one is one size and the other is two sizes smaller. I don’t really know why that happened. But that’s why it’s so important to shop for jeans in person!

I’m THAT person who feels the need to walk around and stretch in the fitting room to see if pants are comfortable enough. So, when I found the two pairs I bought, I knew I needed them or I would regret it because they fit me so well.

I love a jean that you can tell is made of predominantly denim because I’ve had bad experiences with jeans that have more elastic than denim in them. As I mentioned above, I bought a pair of jeans earlier this year that were so comfy and stretchy and amazing, but they were destroyed after about two months of wear. Let me explain.


I never wash my jeans. Maybe like once after several wears, but I like to let my jeans do their thing because truthfully they’re really not getting dirty when I wear them. Any who, this particular pair of jeans was no different, but one day I put them on and saw all of these striations across the front pockets and below my butt. Those striations were where the elastic had pulled and split. I was so upset! 

Moral of the story here is if you find a pair of jeans that you absolutely love, go online to see if you can find what other people are saying about them. I wish I would have done that with those jeans, but I knew the brand was well known and loved, so I figured they would be fine. WRONG!


Shopping for jeans is stressful for me, and I always feel like I have to carve out a solid amount of time to shop for them. But, there’s nothing wrong with that! If you have one or two pairs of jeans that you buy each year, it’s worth the three-hour shopping trip to find them.

Where are your favorite places to buy jeans? Comment below!

Well, that’s all I’ve got for ya today, friends! I’ve got a busy week ahead, so I will be back on the blog for sure on Friday, but maybe Wednesday if I have some time to write. But either way, have an awesome rest of the week! I’ll be sending you all lots of good vibes!

Until next time!

Alicia <3


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