How To Style A Romper

Hello and happy Friday, friends! I hope you all have fun things planned for this weekend —  I know that I do! I’m so pumped because I’m finally getting my hair cut and colored tomorrow! If anyone else lives far away from their hairdresser, they know the feeling! I never wanted to try to find someone to do my hair down in South Carolina because I trust my hairdresser way too much!

Any who, with it being the last weekend of August, I wanted to share my favorite romper on the blog. Truthfully, I forgot that I even had this, which makes me a little embarrassed! I found it the other day when I was packing and I knew that it needed to be in a blog post this week! As I’ve mentioned before on the blog, I hate wearing shorts. Everyone has that one thing about their style that is unique to them. That’s mine! Literally the only time you will likely ever see me in shorts is when I’m doing something athletic. I’m weird, I know!

I’m sure you’re now wondering why I don’t wear shorts. It’s not for any reason in particular, I just haven’t found the right short style and fit for my body. I only like to wear shorts when they’re flowy and high-waisted, but that combo just hasn’t been the easiest for me to find, so I just don’t wear them.


I’d say it’s quite the accomplishment that I lived in South Carolina for a full summer without wearing shorts other than to workout or lounge in! If you’re like me and not a fan of shorts, a romper is the perfect alternative. Now, this isn’t to say I’ve had it easy finding rompers, because it’s been a trek, lemme tell ya!

Because I’m really tall and my bottom half is longer than my torso, it makes finding a romper that’s the right length really difficult for me. I’ve tried on dozens of them at a number of different stores, but none of them were right … until this one!


I found this one in Florence at a store called Promod, which is a French fashion store. I was on the fence about trying it on, but I loved the eggplant color and was determined to make it work if I could. The minute I put it on, I was like, “WHY AREN’T ALL ROMPERS MADE LIKE THIS?!” It’s longer in length than any other rompers I’ve tried on, and it’s flowy, which makes me so happy! So yes, it only took me going to Italy to be able to find a romper that worked for my body.

This romper helps me step outside of my comfort zone in two ways. One, it’s technically shorts, which I mentioned that I hate, and two, it’s a solid color, which is a rare sighting on me. Because this romper is solid, I wanted to jazz it up with my Gal Meets Glam silk scarf. I thought the color pairing was really cool and summery, plus it added that extra oomph that the outfit needed. I threw on my crescent moon necklace underneath the silk scarf, and wah-la!


Personal style is all about your evolution as a human being. I know that makes it sound super complex, but as you grow, so does your style. Things you may not have liked before could become staples within your wardrobe, if you just give them a chance. I can say that this romper gives me new hope that maybe, just maybe, I don’t have to go all the way to Italy for a new romper. But hey, it’s just an excuse to go back to Florence! 



Well, that’s all I’ve got for ya today! I hope your weekend is full of positivity and good vibes! Are you doing something fun this weekend? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you all for joining along on this journey!

Until next time!

Alicia <3


  1. bingingonabudget

    Wow that romper is adorable on you. I love your fashion sense. I always try to wear rompers but they look very weird on my body for some reason. What are some other styles you’d reccommend for summer?

    1. Alicia

      Thank you!! I felt the same way until I found this romper! For late summer, I love a flowy maxi skirt in a brighter color because it pairs easily with tanks and tees! I’m also a fan of loose fitting denim in a lighter wash!

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