Best Hairstyles For Warm Summer Days

Ah summer, how I wish you wouldn’t totally destroy every good hair day that I’m having! Who’s in the same boat? I know it’s August and summer is nearly over, but these dog days of summer are always the hottest, most humid days ever! You know what that means? Hairstyles that are simple, easy and low maintenance!

Since moving to South Carolina, my hair has had one distinct style: frizzy. It doesn’t matter what I do: change shampoos, space out my washes, deep conditioners — my hair is still frizzy. I’ve learned to just roll with it at this point! 

I’ll say that despite the horrid hair days I’ve been having recently, I’ve learned so much about taking good care of my hair. See frizz, you haven’t broken me yet!!!

I’m personally not a big fan of wearing ponytails because they hurt my head, so I’ve had to improvise what I do with my hair every day! Most often I wear it down, but when it’s hot and humid and I can literally feel my head sweating, I have no clue what to do with it. So, I decided to go to my favorite place for hairstyle inspiration: Pinterest!

I used to do so many fun hairstyles from Pinterest, but I kind of fell off that wagon once I got to college. But hey, it’s time to jazz it up and get back into it! So, let’s get started with my three favorite hairstyles for warm summer days! I’ll start with the easiest style and finish with the most complex of the three!

Floral Headband


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This one is so easy, especially for a lazy summer day. I love this headband because it’s super soft and not very tight on my head. The tropical pattern is perfect for summer, too! Sometimes I’ll push all of my face framing pieces of hair up with this headband, and other days I’ll do just as I did in these photos! Adding a headband to bed head is also my favorite way to get ready and go.

Do the Twist 


I’m really particular about my half-up hairstyles, but this one definitely fits my bill! What I love about this one is how it still looks super cute whether you decide to add bigger chunks of hair to the twists or not. Starting with the pieces near your face, gently start twisting as you feed more hair into the twists until you reach the back of the head. Keep tight with a barrette or clear hair tie. Obviously, my hair is a super frizzy mess in this picture, but I still love this hairstyle.

The Coolest Braid Ever


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So, this was totally not what I’d intended to do with this hairstyle, but it turned out really cute! I was just going to do a simple ponytail with my silk scarf, but the scarf had a bunch of wrinkles that I wasn’t entirely sure how to get out. The idea to weave the scarf in with my braid came to me out of the blue, and I’m honestly pretty proud of myself for thinking of it! I tied my hair up in a ponytail first, then knotted the scarf onto the ponytail once. Next, I created three small strands of hair with the scarf being included in the outer two pieces. Then, I braided and finished with a clear hair tie!

Well, that’s all I have for ya today! I’ll have another new blog post for you all next Wednesday and Friday! Changing it up for next week because I know I’ll be way too busy this weekend to write my blog posts! Any who, I hope you all have a fabulous weekend full of good vibes and great times!

Until next time!

Alicia <3

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