Paris Inspired Outfit Of The Day

Paris: Undoubtedly my favorite city in the world! While I was in college, I always dreamed about having the opportunity to study abroad, but with all the classes I needed to take for my journalism major and retail merchandising + product development specialization, it just didn’t happen. That is, until spring break of my senior year. Talk about waiting until last minute to do something!

I remember sitting in my visual merchandising class during fall semester and my professor started talking about the possibility of a trip to Paris over spring break, if enough students were interested. Count me in! It was all such a blur, but I remember I had to apply for the trip, receive two letters of recommendation and write an essay about why I wanted to go.

Okay, no problem. I can write about why I love Paris. This will be no problem! I basically poured my heart and soul into that essay, lemme tell ya! When I received the email confirming my spot on the trip, I was ecstatic! I had imagined going to Paris since my first French class in sixth grade. Having the real life opportunity to go was like, bringing everything I learned in all those years of French class, back full circle.


I won’t bore you with the details of my trip, but if you are interested in learning more about it, you can check out my Paris travel guide here. Paris is obviously on my list of places I need to go again, but until my next trip, I’ll just have to pretend that I’m there by dressing in outfits inspired by the City of Lights.


 I was recently chatting with another blogger who is heading to Paris soon and I honestly got so excited talking about my favorite places to go that I knew I needed to write this blog post. I’ve had a case of wanderlust for the past month or so, and although I just want to pack my bags and go on a trip, #adulting.

So, this blog post will have to do for now!

To me, personal style in Paris can be described by two words: effortless + chic. I tried to emulate those two hard-to-master characteristics within my own personal style. Ultimately, the key to Parisian style is being confident in what you put on, without feeling like you have to wear outlandish pieces to make a statement.

As is true in writing as it is with fashion, sometimes the least amount of words, or least amount of accessories or outfit add-ons, makes more of a statement. I kept today’s look simple and understated, something that I usually don’t do. I think that playing with different trends that inspire street style in different cities across the world is a great way to gain confidence in your own style choices.


There truly is nowhere else in the world like Paris, and I know that anyone who has been there can say the same. It is a magical city that I hope you all have a chance to visit sometime in the future. 

Well, that’s all I have for today’s blog post! Lots of big changes coming to the blog + my life in the next couple of months, so stay tuned for all of that fun stuff! As always, keep it real, radiate positivity and spread good vibes! Have an amazing weekend, friends!

Until next time!

Alicia <3


  1. FebruaryCircus

    Ahhh so happy to read about your love for Paris! Paris is also really special to me as I lived there for a semester during my times abroad. I try going back once a year. I want to move there again but this time permanently. It’s my biggest dream. Love your outfit! That skirt is super cute xx

    1. Alicia

      That is amazing!!! I would love to go back this coming year! I loved it, but I feel like there is so much I didn’t have time to see! I hope that your dream of moving there comes true soon! <3 🙂

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