Feeling Blue (Suede)

Happy Monday, friends! I hope your weekend was just splendid! I spent Saturday catching up on my fave Netflix shows (“Queer Eye,” anyone?!) and then ended the day at my part-time job! Sunday acted as my usual day for exploring and taking blog pictures, and I did just that! Thank YOU, Mother Nature, for coolin’ down the temps to below 80 degrees. I love you for that,seriously.


As promised in last week’s blog post, here is the blue suede jacket that I promised to share! I’m honestly still not over the excitement of finding it. The last time I found something this good at H&M was like, four years ago. Side note: This jacket was in the sale section for $30!!!

Shop it here!


The second I saw that it was my size, I was set on buying it whether it fit or not. I guess that’s what happens when you have waited for a specific item to be in your wardrobe for what seems like eons. I’ve wanted a blue suede jacket for so long. I don’t know why, it’s just been an item I’ve dreamed about owning. Again, I’m still not over it!


I love that this shade of blue can easily coordinate with chinos, printed pants or dark-wash denim. Honestly, I would wear this jacket with a light distressed pair of Levi’s, too. It’s universally versatile for my wardrobe. Although I can’t imagine I’ll have many opportunities to wear it this summer, I’m still optimistic that one summer night will be chilly!

When I was looking for items to style with this jacket, I wanted to make sure I pulled out some of the blue in the top that I chose to wear it with. I opted for this floral embroidered top that I got from Mango while I was in Paris. It’s surprisingly more lightweight than it appears, which makes it great for cooler summer days.


I didn’t want to pair this outfit with jeans because that’s boring! So, I decided on these linen cargo pants from Anthropologie! They’re so comfy and easy to pair with other items because of the faint neutral stripe. I think the combination of all the different patterns and textures looks really sweet!

Shop the pants here!


I’ve mentioned this before on the blog, but I figured that it can also relate to this blog post. A lot of people are probably wondering why I waited so long to buy a blue suede jacket if I’d been looking for one since like, 2013. Well, here’s the thing about the way that I shop. I rarely ever go out shopping for a specific thing. I feel like when you do that, it puts so much pressure on you to find something, and when you don’t, you’re sad!


So yes, I could have started my search for a blue suede jacket by simply typing it into a search engine and scrolling through multiple pages of results. But there’s so much more gratification by waiting and finding it on the rack when you least expected it. It was basically calling my name! There is magic in the world, friends! It sometimes just takes time to find YOU!


Well, that’s all I have for ya today! I will be back on the blog this Friday with a new post! I’m going to hold off on posting three posts a week for the moment, as I’m trying to get some things together and sorted out. Hopefully more to come on that soon! 

I hope your week is a lot of fun!!! Encourage yourself to finish that project you’ve been putting off! I know that’s what I’ll be doing! 🙂

Until next time!

Alicia <3


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