What Fashion Means to Me

Happy Saturday, friends! To preface this blog post, I wanted to pose a question for all of you. Have you ever knowingly purchased something that you already recognized as an item in your forever wardrobe? And by forever wardrobe, I mean the one filled with sentimental items you say you’ll wear, well, forever? For me, this shirt fits that bill!


Let me start from the beginning. I’ve been the biggest fan of Anthropologie since I was in middle school. I always saw it as this magical place that was filled with the most beautiful clothes and whimsical household items. I still see it that way, but it has also become a place where I gain so much inspiration.

 I remember that my mom used to take me to Anthropologie every once in a while. I would get so excited about what crazy cool item I would buy next. I still regularly wear some of those first Anthropologie items I owned, even though I purchased them back when I was just a teenager.

It’s funny to even think that at such a young age, I knew that some of my Anthro clothes would stand the test of time and be forever items in my wardrobe. Well, that brings me to today’s post. As you can see, my shirt is super bold and all over the place. It’s such an Anthro staple, and one that I intend to wear literally forever.


I think that it’s awesome to have a connection with the companies that you purchase clothes from. We should all feel a little magic when we walk into our favorite clothing stores. To me, clothes have always been so much more than just pieces of fabric sewn together. My clothes are how I express myself each day.My clothes are a representation of who I am. 


As a person, I’ve always been interested in many forms of art expression, but fashion has been the one thing that has stuck with me throughout my life. It’s like my forever partner! I know that fashion and personal style can be superficial and intimidating, but I’ve never seen them like that. I’ve always viewed them as tools that help me to be, well, unapologetically me.


I’m sure some of you saw this shirt and were wondering what the heck I was thinking. I wasn’t thinking. That’s the point. I love this shirt so much, that’s why I bought it. I didn’t think twice about it. Sometimes we put so much thought into things, especially when it comes to personal style. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. Buy for yourself, not for the opinions of other people. Who honestly cares what someone else thinks about what you’re wearing? If you love it, then rock it! 


Personal style and confidence go hand in hand. Of course I know that this shirt is a little crazy, but I feel confident when I wear it because it’s truly reflective of my personality. So, I challenge you to wear the craziest thing in your closet, without worrying about what others might think. If you love it, then that’s all that matters, friends.

I hope to be a beacon of positivity when it comes to fashion. I think that it can be hard to relate to people in the fashion industry, but my hope with this blog is to provide the resources for you to look at fashion and personal style as magical places full of possibilities.


Well, that’s all I have for you today! I hope your weekend is amazing! Stay tuned for more posts next week.

Thank you all for your constant support of this little platform that I’ve built. As always, I wish you nothing but positivity and good vibes!

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Until next time!

Alicia <3

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