5 Face Masks for Summer Skin

Hello there and Happy Monday, friends! I hope that your weekend was full of sunshine! As you’re probably aware from your own skincare experiences, summer weather tends to bring on oily, sweaty skin. This often leads to more breakouts, redness, and even sunburn — all of which can make putting on makeup even more difficult.

I’ve had my fair share of skin problems, so I totally understand the anxiety that comes with summer weather. As temperatures heat up, my skin becomes more reactive to the smallest of factors, so I’m always searching for products that help my skin in the summer. I’m a firm believer that it’s not makeup that makes your skin glow; it’s your skincare routine.

I wanted to use today’s post to outline five of my favorite face masks that help to keep my skin calm during the summer months. As always, please comment below with any questions you may have about these masks! Also, if you have any recommendations for masks that I need to try, let me know!

Peace Slices Sheet Mask | Brighten


I recently started using these sheet masks because I can find them at CVS, which is awesome. I’m a huge Peach & Lily fan, and Peach Slices is their sister company. If you’re looking for an alternative to their Brighten mask, there are quite a few other options to choose from. I don’t think you could go wrong with any of them! Sheet masks are perfect for summer because of how effortless they are. You could throw one on after an afternoon at the beach and feel fresh instantly.

Tip: Don’t wash your face after using a sheet mask! Massage any of the extra formula into your face and neck. I even rub it into my hands too!

Mario Badescu Super Collagen Mask


This has been a go-to mask of mine since I started working at Anthropologie, which was four years ago! It’s such a simple and gentle mask, so much so that you can use it multiple times a week. After using, I notice that my skin is instantly hydrated and softened —not to mention most of my redness is calmed. It contains collagen, which is awesome for plumping up the skin after a long night!

Tip: A little bit of this mask goes a long way, so no need to pile on a thick layer!

BEECAUSE Green Tea & Seaweed Mask


When I first bought this mask, I thought that it was more of a solid/water-based mask, but it’s actually powder! This mask contains seaweed, green clay, green tea and tea tree oil, so it’s awesome to use if your skin has been a little bit reactive to sunscreens or other products. I mix this mask with water and apple cider vinegar. ACV is an awesome anti-bacterial, so if you’re dealing with a couple breakouts, it’s awesome to mix with any kind of clay mask mixture.

Tip: Unlike some other clay mixtures, this one isn’t as absorbent of liquid, so it tends to take a lot more powder to make a mask that’s not watery.

Poor Cool Mask


If you’re looking to join in on the cooling face mask trend, this product is the perfect one to try. It contains menthol, so it has that super cooling and refreshing feeling that we all recognize from things like toothpaste and mouthwash. Now, if you’re like me, I was worried that the menthol would be too harsh on my skin, but honestly it feels so good! This mask is great to use after a summer run or an afternoon spent in the garden.

Tip: Use the little spoon that comes with this mask to measure out just the right amount for your skin’s problem areas.

YLLO Face Scrub


I’ve talked about this mask on the blog before, but it’s such a staple in my skincare routine that I figured I would mention it again. No matter what your skin is feeling, this mask is a go-to. It contains Turmeric, which is great for redness relief and exfoliating the skin. I switch between mixing it with apple cider vinegar and water. If there’s one mask I recommend having in your skincare routine, it’s this one.

Tip: You don’t need to use a ton of this product to see results! One bag of this stuff usually lasts me upward of two months.

Time to put on a face mask! I hope that you all enjoyed this blog post! I’ll be back on Friday with another new post. Stay up to date on my adventures by following along on Instagram! 🙂

Until next time!

Alicia <3


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