The Magic Behind Creativity

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*This post is in collaboration with Transcending Waves Planner. All opinions are my own.*

Today’s post is very exciting because I’m going to be sharing all about the magic behind my creativity. I often get questions about where my creativity spawns from, or where I gather inspiration — and sometimes I don’t always have a concrete answer! As you can probably tell if you’ve been following along with my blog since its inception, I wholeheartedly believe in letting things take their course. The strength of fluidity is so powerful, especially when it comes to creativity.


As a creative thinker and doer, it can be extremely draining to feel as if you have to be creative 24/7. I’m a content creator in the real world and on my blog, which means it can be hard to switch one on and turn the other one off. I’m super scatterbrained to start, and if I don’t write things down when I’m at work or on my blog, I’ll have no idea what’s going on!

Over the past year, I’ve been juggling a full-time job, part-time job and this blog, so it definitely hasn’t been easy! Time management has become something that I’ve had to start thinking about. Not to mention, I’ve also had to start planning things out … which has never been my forte.


I love finding different ways to stay organized and keep my thoughts in one central location, which is why I’m so pumped about this new planner I’ve been using. The Transcending Waves Planner is unlike anything I’ve ever used in regard to organization. Like, if you thought your agenda or planner kept you on track — think again!

What I instantly loved about Transcending Waves Planner was their mission because it aligned perfectly with my ideals over here at Stylishly Good Vibes. The company is based on the importance of positive psychology and productivity. This planner forces you to slow down and really think about your goals and dreams for the days ahead.

I’ve always been a big picture thinker, and I’ll openly admit that I usually don’t think about all the details that go into that big picture, which often leaves me feeling stressed. I like to think that I’m a chill individual, but my mind is always going a million miles a minute, with ideas flying in every which way and direction. But, this planner has helped me get a grasp on my creativity and turn it into productivity.


With sections for a Monthly Overview,Weekly Overview AND Morning Plan/Nightly Review, the Transcending Waves Planner helps you transcend beyond the limits of your daily stresses by honing in on your ideals. One of my favorite things about the Nightly Review portion of this daily planner is the “How I’ll Improve” section.

Creativity is all about flourishing with the changing tides, so to speak. It’s not always something that comes easy, but you can be better at it tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that. The thing about creativity is that it’s so easy to get discouraged when people around you are constantly creating beautiful things. But, if you take the time to organize your creative thoughts and ideas in one place, like in the Transcending Waves Planner, I bet you’ll be more likely to achieve your long-term goals because you’ll always be one step ahead.


Optimism is my BFF, and you guys probably already know that by now! This planner is my ideal companion because it keeps track of my positivity, cultivates happiness through daily reflection and helps me stay organized.

So, the magic behind my creativity, you ask? Balance. There has to be harmony between those moments where you are creative because you are expected to be, and the times when your creative juices can flow free. For me, this blog is how I maintain harmony in my creative life. It provides me with an escape to the content creation world that I love being in because I get to create for you. 🙂


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I’m so pumped about this planner, friends, and I hope you find it just as innovative as I do!

Have the best weekend, full of positive vibes and great times!

Alicia <3

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