The Waverly Quilted Jacket

Hellooo and Happy Monday, friends!

I hope you all had an amazing weekend filled with the company of family and friends! Today on the blog, I’m talking all about the new jacket that I recently bought at Anthropologie.


Have you ever had an article of clothing that you’re beyond obsessed with? That’s how I felt about the Waverly Quilted Jacket when I bought it! Let me just preface you on how I ended up buying this after not even giving it my attention while I was shopping.

So, I’ve mentioned before that when I’m shopping, I never shop with an intended item in mind. I just let myself wander until I find some items that catch my eye. I think that’s a more enjoyable way to go about shopping, versus having an item in mind, not finding it, and then being sad about it. I don’t like that feeling!


I was shopping around on my break at work and decided to try on a variety of items that I had been super excited about. Biggest shopping tip of mine? Just because something looks awesome on the hanger, doesn’t mean it looks good on LOL. That is the story of my shopping life! But then again, that whole idea saves me money in the long run when I realize that the items I liked aesthetically don’t fit me the way that I wanted!


Anyways, I tried on a bunch of clothes and ended up not being sold by any of them, so I went back out for a final lap around the store. This jacket caught my eye because it’s not something I would generally pick out for myself. I grabbed it with a tank to try on underneath and decided to see how I liked it.

Once I put it on, I was absolutely sold! I love how the shoulders have a little bit of padding in them that gives the jacket a vintage vibe. The fabric is beautiful, and it kind of reminds me of an old Western movie, ya know?!


I justified the purchase because it has so many primary colors that I have in my current wardrobe, and I knew I wouldn’t have any problem finding items to wear it with. For today’s look, I opted for a trusty pair of AG jeans because I wanted to showcase the awesomeness of the jacket and not take away from it.

But, I plan on wearing this jacket with one of my chambray dresses, as well as a cream crochet dress that I have. It’s so versatile! I know that it’s bold and the fit is definitely experimental for some, but I absolutely love it!


So, I challenge you the next time that you go on a shopping trip. First, don’t shop with any particular item in mind — just let yourself wander! Second, after taking a lap around and trying on what initially caught your eye, go back for another round and try on something that you wouldn’t necessarily think to wear. You may be surprised at how much you love it! 

You know what they say  — first impressions are important. Well, yeah, but so are second, third and fourth impressions! I think that applies to personal style and how we find items to work in our wardrobes!


Well, I hope that you all have a splendid Monday and an awesome rest of the week! I’ll be back on the blog Friday with a blog post that I’ve been planing to write for awhile now, so stay tuned!

Until next time!

Alicia <3

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