How to Find Your Ideal Denim Brand & Fit

Hello there, lovely readers! Happy Monday!

I hope that your Monday is starting off amazingly! I had a big case of the Sunday Scaries yesterday, purely because the weather has been so nice and I had time to finish two different DIY crafts (I’m always working on a project!).

Anyways, today’s post is all about a topic that I’m very passionate about: denim!


Jeans are truthfully my daily uniform, followed by patterned pants and skirts. I think we can all agree that when you find the right pair of jeans for your body, it feels pretty damn great! But, more often than not, I’ve had friends ask me how it’s even possible that I wear jeans as often as I do — because they hate wearing them!

I could sleep in jeans, and I’ve done it for a couple all-nighters in college. But, I understand where my friends are coming from because buying jeans can stink sometimes, especially if you don’t know where to begin your search.

Although I can’t come jean shopping with all of you, I hope that today’s blog post provides a little insight into buying the most ideal jeans for you. It’s definitely a process, but don’t get discouraged because you can find a comfy and well-fitted pair of jeans that you’ll actually be excited to wear.

Here we go!

1. Where to Begin Shopping for Jeans 

With the number of online stores and local brick-and-mortar shops, it can be an intimidating prospect to start shopping for jeans. Throughout the course of my life, my jean style has definitely changed, and so has where I shop for them. I think the first thing to wrap your mind around is this: You don’t have to continue buying jeans from the same place you did in high school.

Times change, styles change and you change, so don’t feel that just because a certain store or style worked at one point in your life, that it’s going to work forever. Stray from your jean comfort zone!

It wasn’t until my junior year in college that I realized I needed to change up where I was shopping for jeans. I really think this was the age where my body finally started to catch up with me and fill out, so to speak.


I have a booty and athletic thighs from years of dance, cheerleading and soccer — and I love that about my body, but it can make buying jeans difficult. First off, I’ve come to realize that high-waisted jeans will never be a thing for me, and that’s okay! The proportions are never right, which leaves me looking extremely uncomfortable. I steer clear of them now because I know they don’t work for me!

So, where should you begin your jean shopping excursion? Go to any store that is known for their denim (i.e. Lucky Brand Jeans or Levi’s) and try on every fit that you can find. From high waisted, to mid-rise and boyfriend — you’ve got to get a feel for how sizing runs and how those fits work for your body and style.

For reference, I stick to a solid mid-rise jean nowadays. Of course I throw in a boyfriend style every now and again, but on any given day I’m most likely wearing a mid-rise jean by Anthropologie’s Pilcro or AG Jeans.


2. Now that you’ve found the right fit, it’s time to find the right brand.

I’ve worked at Anthropologie for almost four years now, and I am so grateful for the experiences I’ve had, and more importantly the things I’ve learned about my own style. A good chunk of my job is helping customers find jeans that work for them, which means I need a working knowledge of jean brands, fits and sizing. I’m basically an encyclopedia of denim.


I was introduced to Anthropologie’s Pilcro brand on my first shift, and I immediately fell in love. Pilcro offers jeans in high rise, mid rise and boyfriend styles, which was something I was immediately drawn to. Second, their jeans have just the right amount of spandex, so you don’t feel like Flat Stanley in a pair of jeans that don’t move with you.

The majority of my jeans are Pilcro, with the exception of some Levi’s and AG. All brands of denim are totally different, so it really becomes a matter of trial and error. Levi’s are definitely more of a stiff fit with less give, but they’re the epitome of denim, being as they were the first denim company in the United States. I would consider AG jeans to be pretty similar in fit to Pilcro. They’re made of the softest denim and they really mold to your body, which I love.


3. My Tips & Tricks for Trying on Jeans 

There are quite a few things that I’ve learned over the years about buying jeans, and I’m here to share them with you! First, try not to buy jeans when it’s your time of the month. I’ve made the mistake of doing this more than I care to count, and oftentimes the jeans I buy during that time end up being just a littttttle bit too big on me.


Always bring a belt with you while jean shopping if you usually wear one. I wear a belt with every pair of jeans I buy, so it’s helpful to try them on exactly how you would be wearing them.

Don’t buy jeans that you’re on-the-fence about in the store — you’ll regret it and probably end up returning them! If you’re planning to buy a pair of jeans like these pearl embellished ones, read the care instructions ahead of time! I don’t wash these jeans often, but when I do, I always wash them in a delicate laundry bag in the event that anything falls off.

Lastly, and most importantly, buy jeans that make you feel beautiful, confident and sassy! It is possible to find the right fit and brand for you, it just may take some time and a little effort while shopping! If you ever need any additional advice, don’t hesitate to reach out to me!


Well, that is all I’ve got for ya today!

I hope you all have an awesome rest of the week!

Until next time,

Alicia <3

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