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Hello — or should I say, Howdy!

Today on Stylishly Good Vibes, I’m talking all about this ol’ denim vest! It’s one of those items that I’ve had in my closet since I was a sophomore in HIGH SCHOOL, aka eight years ago! But on a real note, I’ve intentionally kept it in my closet because I knew it would come back in style.

If you’re like me and found yourself freaking out over the livestreams of NYFW a couple weeks ago, then you’ll totally understand my excitement about tie-dye being a trend again. This only means one thing: my sort-of tie dyed denim vest is back! Obviously it’s a trend that has come and gone, but now I have absolutely no reason to get rid of my vest! Usually I never follow trends, but I’m so excited that I can justify wearing something from my indie-rocker days of high school.


I remember buying this vest at Nordstrom way back when. It was right before school started and I knew that it was going to be part of my first day of school outfit! What I love about this piece is that it’s awesome for layering. I’ll occasionally throw it over a long sleeve shirt like this one, or a dress just to add a little ~zazz~ to my look.

You know that old saying, where you’re supposed to remove one item from your outfit before you leave the house, or something like that? Yeah, I think that’s a bunch of junk! If anything, I always add an item to my outfit before I leave the house, because YOLO livin’ my life the way I wanna!


I love being extra, ya know the feeling!? Be confident to dress however you want, with no fear as to what people will think! Being extra is fun, and honestly, it has led me to be more adventurous with my personal style. These red-orange pants that I paired alongside this vest are another item that I’ve started to be more confident wearing. Colored pants and I have had an interesting friendship. Some days I’m all about them, while others I’m like, “uhm, no thank you. I’m good.


I wanted to take a second to talk about something that I’ve been thinking about recently. Do you ever watch those Instagram Stories or YouTube haul videos where you see inside someone’s closet and you’re like “whoa baby, they have that many clothes?” Because, same! 

When I first started this blog as a college kid, I knew that as a fashion blog, I wasn’t going to be able to go out and continuously buy new clothes to showcase in each post. It just wasn’t realistic, and it’s still not! I love clothes, don’t get me wrong! But, I think that with a couple key pieces in your wardrobe, you can recreate outfits for YEARS. I know that this is kind of an obscure thing to talk about as a fashion blogger, but I have a point!


Stylishly Good Vibes is all about keepin’ it real, all dayevery day. From my perspective, I hope that you guys are able to gain inspiration from the outfits I put together. I want to inspire you to experiment with your personal style, and be worry-free about what others may think about it. Instead of trying to copy an outfit right off of someone, think about how you can put your own spin on it!

I totally get the feeling when you see something that you absolutely love and want to buy it, but oops! No longer available. I get it! Most of my clothes are older, but, I am planning to recommend items similar to what I am showcasing in my post as a way for you to gather your own insight on how you could create a similar outfit.

Moral of the Story: Be Fearlessly YOU.


Well, that’s all for today, friends! I hope you have a fab weekend full of good vibes! I’ll be back on the blog this Monday with another post for ya!

Until then,

<3 Alicia 

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