Learning to Bloom Where You’re Planted

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For today’s blog post, I wanted to focus on the idea of growing up after you graduate and how it relates to the idea of blooming where you are planted. The beginning of January marked three months of living in South Carolina, and it has definitely been a whirlwind of a time! Not only have I learned more about myself than I could have imagined, but I’ve also gained more insight into my career.



I think that everyone, including myself, has their own idea about what the real world is going to be like for them once they graduate. Well, let me tell you something — it will rarely turn out the way that you think it will. But that’s how you learn about yourself and about life!

I’ve talked about it on the blog before, but I just wanted to bring it up again because I know that some of my friends are in their last semester of college and could probably use a little advice! If you want to move somewhere new, or you want a change of scenery after graduation, just do it! You never know when you’re going to get another opportunity to do something that is 100% for YOU.

Moving to a new city may seem a little bit crazy in retrospect, especially if you don’t know anyone else who lives there. But ya know what, it forces you to be independent and strong, and to figure it out as each day passes!

I’m not going to sit here and tell you that everything is going to be flowers and unicorns all the time, because it won’t be. But, no matter where you end up, it doesn’t have to be permanent! You can give it a whirl for a year or two, and if you decide you’re not vibin’ with it, then start again!


Since moving to SC, I’ve had to learn to figure things out as they come, and I’ve also pushed myself to try things that are outside of my comfort zone. The photos from this post were taken at a state park that I had never adventured to before. I decided to go there on a whim because I wanted to see the ocean. This was only the second time that I had been to the beach since moving down here!


I’ve had a lot of people ask me recently if I had always known I wanted to move to South Carolina, and my answer is no. But, an awesome job opportunity came up and I would have been crazy not to take it! I may not know how long I’ll be here for, but I’m so proud of myself for taking a chance and moving here.


Back to the idea that I brought up at the beginning of this blog post:

I have a bangle that I always wear that says “Bloom where you are planted.” I think it’s something that’s been incredibly true for me over the past couple months. I wanted to chime in with a thought that I had pertaining to that same saying.

I do believe that you should bloom where you are planted and make it work as best that you can for yourself. However, just like a flower, if circumstances are not beneficial for your personal growth, then how can you bloom to full potential?Do you stay and bloom to sub-par standards, or do you uproot yourself and start again somewhere new?

Just some food for thought, especially if you’re transitioning into a new job or milestone in your life!


I’m wishing lots of good vibes for all of my friends who are in their last semester of college! Do whatever you feel will bring you happiness and spur your personal growth!If it ends up being the wrong fit over time, it’s okay!

Life is unpredictable, but you’ll never grow if you don’t push yourself to be your best self by trying new things.


Well, that’s all I’ve got for ya today! I will have another post up on the blog this Monday, so stay tuned for that! Until then, keep up with me on my Instagram!


I love this little online platform that I’ve built and I’m so grateful that I can share it with you!

Until next time!

Alicia ❤

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