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Happy 2018, friends!

What a year! In a lot of ways, I feel like 2017 lasted a lot longer than many other years, or maybe it’s just me! I had a lot of milestone moments in 2017, so that may be why I feel so sentimental about it!

Anyways, I’m back on the blog today to share my top picks for December and January! I’m super excited about these particular items, all of which I just started using within the past month or so.

As always, feel free to ask any questions that you may have about these products in the comments below! And also, trying new products is something that you should decide to do on your own, not because someone else is doing it!

With my Top Picks’ posts, I hope to give you a little insight on products that I love, as a way to help you find the ones that work best for you and your lifestyle!

1.) RoC Multi-Correxion 5-in-1 Restoring Night Cream 


I’ve mentioned it before, and I’ll mention it again: I’m all about the natural course of aging, and I’m definitely not a fan of the idea of having ‘work‘ done once I reach a certain age. Because of this, I’ve always gone above and beyond when it comes to taking care of my skin.

I’ve been searching for a night cream that’s affordable and actually does what it says it is supposed to do, and I’ve found it with this cream! Now, especially when it comes to skincare items, I always read reviews. I want to know what other people are thinking about a product before I take the plunge and buy it.

I stumbled upon this one at Ulta, and after reading the reviews, I decided that I was going to give it a try! RoC’s Multi-Correxion night cream is gentle, but proves to do what is intended, especially for my skin.

The formula works while you sleep to smooth, firm, improve elasticity and help mediate any discoloration. When I wake up after using this cream, my skin is illuminated and my skin tone is even. It seriously works its butt off overnight for your skin!

2.) Project Beauty Intense Repair Yogurt Hair Mask

I found this hair mask at Anthropologie, and after reading the ingredients, I decided to give it a whirl. It contains quinoa and yogurt protein, and it is free of sulfates, parabens and any harmful fragrances or colors.

The instructions tell you to apply it to wet hair and let it sit for ten minutes before you rinse, but I also put a tiny bit into my hair after a shower so that it softens while I sleep! This stuff smells absolutely incredible — like, I wish that I could properly describe how it smells, but you’ve just got to trust that it’s awesome!

What I love about this hair mask is that it contains ingredients that are actually beneficial to your hair, and I don’t have to worry about it damaging it in some way. This mask is also full of prebiotics and botanical oils! I would highly recommend it to anyone who treats their hair with a heating tool, and especially for anyone whose hair is suffering from a little dryness this winter.

3.) Aromatica Rose Absolute Eye Cream 


I started using this eye cream after I realized that my under-eye area was getting really dry, which was causing my concealer to crack. Since I started using this eye cream as a part of my morning and night routines, the cracking of my under-eye concealer has stopped, and I no longer have any dry or flaky skin under my eyes.

I found this eye cream on Peach and Lily’s website, and I absolutely love all of the products that they curate. This eye cream is vegan, and contains Bulgarian rose oil and aloe vera. The formula is also really lightweight, which is why I am able to apply it as a base to my under-eye concealer without having to worry about my concealer smearing. It is a small tube, but a little bit goes such a long way!

4.) L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara 


Another mascara in my Top Picks?! I know, I know, but this is another great option for anyone that’s looking for a new mascara to try! I particularly love the brush on this one because it separates every individual lash so that you’re not left with spider eyelashes.

I’ve been searching for a new mascara that really gives my lashes the volume of fake eyelashes, and this one does just that! For the price, it’s such an awesome formula that really works for my lashes. It also doesn’t leave any of those tiny mascara bits on your face, which I’ve found that a lot of mascaras do!

5.) Caolion Pore Original Pack 


 I’m all about finding masks that I can interchange throughout the week, and I love, love, love this one.

When you apply it to your face, it creates this really weird cooling sensation that is similar to how it feels when you use minty mouthwash. It’s so cool! The cooling sensation lasts for a couple minutes before simmering to just a normal mask, which you leave on for 15 minutes. When you rinse, your skin feels firm and refreshed!

What I love about this mask is that it does make a significant difference in the quality of my skin after I use it. I’ve found that with other masks, my skin doesn’t feel any different when I rinse it off. But with this mask, you notice a huge difference!

Well, that concludes my Top Picks for December and January! I hope that you enjoyed reading and that you gathered your own insight into products that you want to try this winter!

Thank you for reading and for your endless support! You’re all amazing!

Alicia <3


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