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Hey friends, remember me?!


I’m kidding — I was just on the blog earlier this week, LOL. Anyways, today I wanted to share my first ever how-to with you on creating a braided crown. This is one of those hairstyles that I most often get questions about. People honestly ask if it’s my real hair, or a headband.

My sister taught me how to do this braid years ago, and it has become my go-to whenever I’m:

a.) Having a bad hair day 


b.) I’m too lazy to do anything extravagant with my hair

I know that this braid might look really complex and difficult to do, but I promise that after a couple tries, you’ll be able to do it in less than five minutes! I’ve broken this tutorial into five steps, and I’m going to try to explain as best I can!

See, five easy steps!

1.) Section Off the Hair on the Opposite Side That Your Part Falls.


By this, I mean thatif you part your hair going to the right, then begin the braid by your left ear, and visa versa. 

I would grab any fine tooth comb that you have in order to complete this step. Depending on the side of your head that you’re beginning the braid, in this post I’m going to be referencing the left side, you will want to part the hair into a 1 in. section widthwise.

2.) Use a Comb to Follow the Width of the Section Created on the Left Side of the Head, to the Right Side.

You will now have two separate sections of hair! My best advice is to clip the rest of your hair out of the way while you braid the left section into the right.

3.) Once You Have Those Two Sections, You Will Want to Flip the 1 in. Section on the Left Side Toward the Section on the Right Side.


Now that the sectioned portion on the left side is going in the direction of your part, gather three very small sections of hair closest to the baby hairs near your left ear. Begin to braid the hair a few rounds, making sure not to make it too tight.

4.) Integrate Pieces of Hair into the Braid As You Move Across the Crown of Your Head.


This sounds easier than it is — I get that! This is definitely the bulk of the process, so it’s incredibly important not to rush this step. If you don’t know how to french braid, I would refer to this video, which is super helpful.

So, you’ve got your three little sections of hair that you’re beginning to braid. As the braid lengthens, continue to evenly distribute more hair into the braid as you move it closer to the section of hair on the right side of your head. Just keep weaving the braid. You’ll eventually weave the left side section into the right side’s.


5. Congrats! If You’ve Made it to This Step, That Means Your Braid Has Reached the Other Side of Your Head!

Once you have braided your hair down to the baby hairs by your right ear, continue to braid midway down the strand before you Bobbi-pin it. You’ll want to make sure that you pin it underneath the hair so that it’s hidden.


From this point, I would take a look at your braid in the mirror and decide if you want to pull some pieces out to loosen it up, or leave it as is. Whatever option you choose, be sure to follow up with some sort of finishing spray!

Well, that’s the tutorial for ya! I wish that I could have filmed a video for it, but this week has been very busy getting things ready for Christmas that the time got away from me!

I would love to hear about what kinds of posts you would like to see more of, or what kinds of how-to posts you would like me to write — anything like that! 

I cherish all of your opinions and support, so I truly do appreciate comments!

Next week, I will have another brand new blog post on Stylishly Good Vibes that shares how to decorate your space on a budget! I’m super excited about sharing all of my tips with y’all!

Until next time!

Thank you for your endless encouragement and support! You all rock!



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