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I’m back on the blog today to share a new segment that I’m starting on Stylishly Good Vibes called Fresh Favorites. In this segment, I’ll be showcasing one new item that I’m absolutely loving right now. To begin, I’m sharing this tote bag that I just purchased at Anthropologie.


Featured Item:

Merci Mille Fois Tote Bag (Anthropologie)

I first spotted this bag when I was working on Black Friday at Anthropologie, but it wasn’t until this past weekend that I finally took the plunge and bought it. Given, the bag that I’ve been using for the past three years has definitely served me well. That’s exactly why I decided it was time for me to treat myself and buy a new bag that I could use for running errands and for my full-time job.


If you’re wondering what the bag says, which I’m sure some of you have probably already Google Translated it, but either way, it indirectly translates to “Thanks a Million.” I’ve mentioned it before, but I am somewhat fluent in French, and by that I mean that I can read it, but speaking it just takes me a little bit longer. Anyways, when I saw that this tote had French written on it, I knew it was calling my name!


I’m THAT girl who literally shoves her entire life into her bag and then proceeds to try and keep it organized, but it never stays that way. I just bought this bag on Sunday and I already have pieces of paper thrown in the bottom with random notes to myself that I’m trying to remember. Nevertheless, this tote bag is so much bigger than it appears, which was a pleasant surprise when I started transferring my stuff from my old bag to this one.

There’s an interior zip pocket, and then there are two additional pockets on the back of the bag. I took a large clutch from my old bag and put it inside of this bag for additional storage and organization. But, there is still so much room to fit my water bottle, lunch box and AP Style Book! (Holla at ya girl if you carry yours around too! Or is it just me …)


I especially love the color of this bag because the pastel pink is such an unexpected choice for winter. I think that we’re sometimes programmed to believe that we can’t wear bright colors in the winter because it’s a fashion faux pas. Well, it’s not!You can wear whatever colors you want to throughout the year, no matter the season.

Having a bright tote bag, like this for example, immediately brightens up your day when you look at it, and who wouldn’t want that! Y’all know I’m all about those good vibes, all day, everyday.

Of course I had to put my ‘Love’ pin that I got at a Coldplay concert on my bag. It serves a bigger purpose than its size demands. The Love Button Global Movement aims to encourage people to lift up their communities through love and acts of kindness, which I am a big supporter of! You can purchase one of your own by clicking the link above and continuing the movement!


Now, because I have a feeling that some of you may be wondering where my jacket is from, I wanted to make sure that I briefly touched base on it in this blog post! I’ve told the story before on the blog, but just in case you missed it, I bought this jacket for $5.99 at Anthropologie two years ago. Long story short, I saw the jacket and I didn’t think it was going to fit, but I tried it on anyway. Well, it was marked down to $9.99, but there was an additional 40% off of sale, so I literally got a $228 jacket for $6!

Unfortunately, being as that was two years ago and I am getting every one of my $6 worth out of this jacket, I haven’t bought a new one since then. Tip – If you own a jacket similar to this, don’t give up on it after a few years! A friend recommended that I take mine to a dry cleaner and it has never looked better!

Anyways, I’ve linked a couple other options below for this type of jacket so that you can find the perfect fit for you and your personal style!

AnthropologiePlush Artio Coat 

Forever21Faux Fur Drape Front Jacket

H&MPile Jacket 

Kenneth ColeFaux Fur Coat 

GapSherpa Coat


Well, that’s all that I’ve got for ya today! I’ll be back on the blog this Friday to share my first ever hair tutorial with you all!

Until next time! 🙂

Thank you for your endless encouragement and support! You all rock!



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