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I hope that you’re all having a magical day and that your Thanksgiving was full of yummy food, lots of love and tons of laughs with your loved ones!


Today’s blog post is about a new item that I’ve recently integrated into my wardrobe: a classic button-down shirt.

Now, I’m sure that you’re like, “What’s so special about that?Well, I’m going to tell ya!

If you haven’t noticed from my previous blog posts, I’m really not into the whole business casual or business professional look. To give you an idea of what I mean, I wouldn’t wear a blazer or slacks unless they were bright pink or pastel blue.

I just wouldn’t! It’s not me!


With that in mind, this button-down shirt is pretty monumental for me because I used to say I would never wear one. That is, until I saw this one and just couldn’t walk out of Anthropologie without buying it!

What I love about this button-down shirt is that it’s inherently the same, but also completely different from any other button down I’ve tried on. I hate feeling like I’m restricted in a button-down shirt, and I feel like that’s the case with many that I’ve tried on in the past. To give you a visual, 90% of the time that I’ve tried on button-down shirts, I couldn’t lift my arms over my head comfortably LOL.

But, this top is totally different — not to mention, it’s literally the most comfortable thing ever! I know I say that a lot, but I really do mean it. It’s made of Rayon, which means that it’s super soft and feels like a pajama shirt.


Back on topic here, when I bought this shirt, I honestly wasn’t sure how I was going to style it — I just knew that I needed it in my closet. The thin striped pattern of the shirt gives it this elevated, yet casual facade, which I think is the coolest thing ever.

For today’s post, I chose three different ways of styling this button-down shirt with a pair of jeans. The first look was simply keeping the shirt untucked and hanging loosely over the jeans. The second was tucking the front of the shirt into the jeans, and the third was tying the front of the shirt into a knot.


The options are seriously endless when it comes to pairing a button-down shirt with something other than jeans. Throwing one over a midi skirt or tucking one into a pair of chinos will show off the practicality and aesthetic that a button down shirt has.

What initially attracted me to this shirt was how Parisian it looked and felt. When I was in Paris, all of the women were so immaculately dressed, that even I felt like I was missing something with my look. That thought passed through my head while I was shopping and immediately secured my decision to buy this shirt because of how much it reminded me of the sophisticated aesthetic of Paris.

I’ve realized that this latter half of 2017 has been me pushing the boundaries of my own personal style by incorporating items into my closet that I previously said I never would. And for that, I’m very grateful because it’s made me grow within my personal style!



This particular button-down is sophisticated and chic, and I can’t wait to see how I continue to incorporate it into different outfits as winter approaches! My wheels are already turning with a bunch of ideas for pairing this under my Sherpa baseball jacket or faux fur peacoat. Oh my!


Well, that’s all I’ve got for ya today! Once again, I hope that you all had an awesome Thanksgiving, and as we move into the New Year, I challenge you to push the boundaries within your own personal style!

As always, thank you so much for your support and for reading along!



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