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Hello friends and Happy November 1st!


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I don’t know about you, but I spent my Halloween watching “Stranger Things 2,” which left me speechless, might I add.

But, with the spooky Halloween season over and the holidays upon us, I think that everyone should take a couple minutes today to jot down what they’re thankful for this year. I know that this is usually something that you do closer to Thanksgiving, but I still think that it’s valid at any point in the year.

Taking some time to be mindful and to look into your inner self and how you’ve grown over the past year is incredibly important as we move into the new year. I, for one, love writing about what I’m thankful for each year because I think it’s so cool to be able to look back on it and cherish those memories again.

Well, back to the other topic of this blog post: Playing with Patterns!


I know that I’ve done another blog post on this topic, but I still think that it’s one of those trends that you can’t fully flesh out in one blog post. Let’s be real — there’s more pattern combinations out there than any of us could probably ever imagine, and I’m sure that I’ll write about a different one with each passing year!


For today’s post, I took a different route than I usually do with the patterns that I paired together. I’ve never been the kind of person to follow anyone’s rule book of patterns that you can pair with each other. I think that you’ve just got to be organic about it, and see what you like and how it plays together.

This outfit is a combination of a crazy floral print and a tiny polka dot and stripe. Totally random, and definitely three patterns you wouldn’t necessarily pull out of your closet and say, “I’m gonna throw all these pieces together and it’s about to be great!”

But, what initially attracted me to this combination was the fact that one of the patterns that I chose was predominantly a neutral-toned fabric, while the other definitely spoke for itself. This is my best advice when it comes to pairing different patterns together. The best way to make the outfit work and to make it look seamless is to pair one pattern that uses more neutral colors with another bolder pattern that encompasses some form of the neutral color in it.


These pants are another one of my pairs of crazy pants, but on a real note — they’re so awesome! I get so pumped up just looking at them because of how vibrant and bold they are. They are for sure one of those pieces that make a statement, but it is possible to downplay the pattern by combining it with another neutral pattern, like I did for this blog post.


I wore this outfit to work, so if you’re ever worried about something being too bold for the workplace, don’t be! Playing with patterns is meant to be fun, so pull your favorite patterned pieces out of your closet and get to it!




Well, that’s all I’ve got for ya today! I hope that all of you take the time to think about what you’re thankful for this year! I know that for me, I am beyond thankful for every opportunity that has arisen, and every person who has been in my life over the past year.

My success means absolutely nothing without your support!

I’ll have a super exciting blog post coming up next week for you all, so stay tuned for that! Until next time!




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