A Weekend Getaway in the Mountains

Hello friends!

I’m back on the blog to share all about my recent trip to the mountains of North Carolina!


This trip sort of fell in line with my usual spur-the-moment travel escapades. Being as I just moved to South Carolina at the beginning of the month, this trip came up really quick considering I’ve only been living here for three weeks. But, this trip was actually a work retreat, which is such an awesome thing to be able to say! Feeling super grateful to have found the perfect job for me at such an incredible company.

Back on topic, my trip was to Highlands, North Carolina, which is somewhere that I’d never been before. It’s this picturesque little town tucked away in the mountains just north of Atlanta. It felt like a completely different world being so isolated from the hustle and bustle of the city!

Going from living ten minutes from the beach, to being over 4,000 feet above sea level was so surreal! The drive there was really easy — that is until we actually reached the mountains and things started to get a little bit wacky! The roads whip and wind all over the side of the mountains, so it was definitely not the kind of drive for someone who gets car sick easily!

Besides the crazy roads, getting into Highlands was seriously like landing in a fantasyland for me! I couldn’t believe this place!

Because of how great of a weekend I had in Highlands, I wanted to give you all a quick rundown of some of my favorite memories from my trip!

1. Shopping on Main Street in Highlands, NC


Highlands is such a quaint town tucked into the Blue Ridge Mountains. There were tons of really awesome stores selling yummy homemade concoctions, and it was the place to be on a Saturday afternoon.

Honestly, if I had money to spare, I would have done some serious retail therapy in Highlands! It’s definitely a great place to bring family and just chill out for a weekend. The restaurants are top notch, and there’s an awesome wine shoppe/bar that was always poppin’ whenever we walked by.


2. Take a Moment to Watch the Sunrise or Sunset



My absolute favorite place to spend my time on this trip was on the balcony of my room in our mountaintop Airbnb. I was up pretty early every morning, so getting to see the sunrise over the Blue Ridge Mountains was a daily ritual for me. Just look at the views! I can’t even explain how magnificent the sunrises and sunsets in Highlands were.


3. Hiking the Dry Falls Path 


This particular hike is awesome for anyone who isn’t really interested in the physical endurance that’s required for hiking in the mountains. This was a paved path with steps and railings, so it was really safe and easy. You can even walk behind the waterfall and that had to be the coolest thing ever!

When you stood behind the waterfall, it was so loud and water was splashing everywhere, but you felt like you were just floating around in a bubble, and the only thing that existed was you and this waterfall.

It was seriously so surreal!


4. Driving by the Blue Valley Overlook


As I mentioned previously, the roads in Highlands are super, super tricky, so when we drove past this overlook the first time, we didn’t stop because it came up so fast. But, on our way back from ziplining at the Highlands Aerial Park, we decided to keep an eye out for it so that we could stop for a photo-op.

Let me tell you, those Blue Ridge Mountains are just as magical as they look! They go on for miles, and the blue skies that we had all weekend surely made it even more enchanting.


Well, that’s all I’ve got for ya today! I hope that you consider taking a weekend trip to Highlands, North Carolina the next time you’re in need of a little R&R! You won’t be disappointed in everything it has to offer!

I’m already counting down the days until I get to go back to this super cool place!

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