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Sweatshirt (True Grit, purchased at Half Moon Outfitters)

I’m back on the blog today to share one of my favorite sweatshirts of all time. Anyone who knows me is well aware that when I say I’m wearing a sweatshirt, it must be good or I wouldn’t be dedicating an entire blog post to it!


I got this lil’ number when I was in Charleston a couple months ago, but obviously haven’t had many opportunities to wear it due to the shockingly warm weather that we’re still experiencing. Anyways, the story behind how I found this sweatshirt is pretty awesome, and shows that you never know what something has in store until you check it out for yourself!

So, while I was in Charleston, I was walking down King Street, which is one of the best streets to do some serious shopping. I walked past this small window display and saw the über fuzziness of this sweatshirt out of the corner of my eye.

I was going to keep walking, but something about that sweatshirt drew me in and I had to check it out for myself! Walking into Half Moon Outfitters was like walking into an outdoor enthusiast’s inner psyche, and I absolutely loved it.


After roaming through the store, looking at all of the hiking gear and water bottles galore, I finally found the sweatshirt! This half-zip came in a bunch of different colors, like gray, moss green, and white. After much deliberation, I decided on the blue because if you haven’t figured it out yet, blue’s kind of my color!

Although this sweatshirt was a little on the pricey side, I knew that I could justify the purchase based on how much I expected to wear it. Personally, that’s how I analyze every purchase I make! The intellectual part of me always wants to weigh the pros and cons of different things, like shopping for clothes for example. Usually I’ll think about things like how many wears I estimate, divided by the price of the item.


I’m sorry to bore you with logistical shopping advice, but it’s honestly really helpful to think about those kinds of things if you’re on the fence about whether you should buy something or not.

Back on track with the post, I’m so happy that I decided to buy this sweatshirt! It’s just as soft, if not more so than it looks, making it perfect for those chilly fall nights that I absolutely love.

Although I’m still adjusting my style to fall in line with the weather in South Carolina, I know that this will be my go-to piece of outerwear this winter. It may not be as cold here as it is in Cleveland, but I bet my bottom dollar that it might get a little bit chilly down here!


Would you believe me if I told you that I never wore a sweatshirt throughout the entire course of my high school career? I’m not here to throw shade at sweatshirts because they’re amazing, comfy and awesome, but it’s just taken me awhile to feel comfortable wearing them within my personal style.

For me, my style has always been a constant evolution, but whenever I wore a sweatshirt, I never felt like myself. I don’t know how to explain it! People honestly thought I was nuts in high school for never wearing a sweatshirt, but hey — we’ve all got weird things about ourselves that we’ve just got to embrace!

Just want to give a quick shoutout to my friends who still ask me to wear a sweatshirt and sweatpants simultaneously. It will happen eventually, I’m sure of it! I just have to find the right combo for my personal style!


In regard to the actual styling that went into this look, I chose a pair of grey jeans because they played off of the cool-toned sweatshirt. Blue sweatshirts can be a difficult item to pair things with, for the sole fact that most jeans are varying shades of blue. Because of that, I chose to shy away from my classic Levi’s boyfriend jeans and instead chose this skinny pair by Halogen.

If you’re in the market for a new sweatshirt this fall, I would definitely consider giving Half Moon OutfittersTrue Grit / Dylan Clothing a glance!



Until next time, friends! I’ll have October’s Top Picks coming up on the blog this week, so keep an eye out for those!

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