Making the Adjustment to a New City

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Today’s blog post is all about how I’m adjusting to my big move from Ohio to South Carolina!


To begin, I always think it’s funny to look back on where you thought you would be by the time you reached a certain age. Never in my four years of college did I ever think I would be lucky enough to be living pretty close to paradise, and having an awesome job that I love.

To preface, I want to give you guys some background on why I decided to move here.


Life’s definitely weird sometimes, but you’ve got to search for whatever brings happiness to your soul. For me, I’ve always been in love with the ocean, and the fact that I now live 15 minutes away from the Atlantic is just crazy to me! When I started telling people that I was moving to South Carolina, it kind of came as a big surprise to some.

Throughout my time in college, I came to realize that no matter who you are and what you’re doing, people will always have their own idea of what kind of job they see you having in the future. Peopl often thought that because I was a journalism major and because I specialized in retail merchandising and product development, I was bound to work at a fashion magazine in New York City.

It’s not that I don’t think that sounds amazing, because it does, but sometimes dreams change and life shows you something incredibly new and amazing that you love just as much as those dreams you had in your youth. When I first started seriously looking for jobs, I was hesitant about looking in NYC, and I couldn’t really understand why.


NYC is NYC, it’s magical and incredible and eye-opening, but the idea of living there just gave be weird vibes. Side note, whenever I have weird vibes about something, I’m always right about it, which is why I knew I didn’t want to find a job there.

Anyways, I felt a lot of pressure from colleagues to look for jobs there, and honestly I just wasn’t about it. You’ll come to realize that throughout your career, people will tell you time and time again that the only way you’ll move up in the workplace is if someone knows you or you know them.

Trust me, I believe that having a solid network of mentors and people you look up to is important, but it’s not everything. When it comes down to it, who you know or who knows you isn’t going to be the sole reason that you get a job. You’re going to have to prove to the company that you’re willing to work harder than other candidates, that you’ll produce results and that you’re a great person to work alongside.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that you could have the biggest, most elaborate network of people to reach out to about employment opportunities, but if people don’t like you and don’t enjoy working with you, you may have a difficult time finding a job.

Just a little food for thought!


Long story short, I found my job not by using a personal network of people I knew or that knew me. I found it completely on my own. I love being able to say that I’ve got a super amazing job in a brand new city and I found it all by myself.

It just goes to show that it is possible to achieve your career goals and dreams without having a vast network of resources to help you get there.


Of course it was scary to move to a new place where I literally know no one other than the people that I work with. But I’m so excited to be on this adventure and to see how much I learn from it.

Despite the fact that I can’t go anywhere without using iPhone maps, I really do like it here. Although moving somewhere and having no idea how to get from Point A to Point B can be really difficult, you’ve just got to chill out and roll with it. You’ll figure it out, I promise!

Y’all know me — I seriously hate boredom. So, I’ve been trying to invest myself into something fun every day after work. I’ve been going to a gym near me, driving around to learn where things are, and I’m thinking about joining a book club! I sound like a 90 year old, but seriously this is vital advice, people!


When you move to a brand new place where you literally don’t know anyone, it’s going to be real tough meeting new people. That’s just the fact of the matter. 

In the real world, you’ve got to make friends the good ol’ fashioned way, which is why joining a club or a gym are a great place to start spreading your wings!

Moving to a new place gives you the opportunity to learn more about yourself than you’ve ever known. Not to mention, it gives you the time to figure out what you like to do and how you like to spend your day.


So, if you’re beginning the process of looking for a new job or you’re still on the search for the perfect one, consider moving somewhere you never thought you would get the chance to move. Whether that be France, California, or even Kansas — take a risk and apply! You never know where life may take you next!

Well, that’s all I’ve got for ya today! I’ll have October’s Top Picks rolling out for ya this week, as well as a style post featuring one of my comfiest sweatshirts!

Until then, if you’re in need of some rad songs to add to a Spotify playlist, I’m your gal!

Thank you so much for reading and for your endless support!



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