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Hello again, my lovely readers!

I’m back on the blog today to dish out this month’s top picks for beauty/skincare/haircare! I hope that you all enjoy reading my mini reviews of some of my favorite products this month. As always, if you have any questions about the products, comment below!

Be The Skin Botanical Nutrition Power Toner – $29


I’ve been using this particular toner for the past two years now and I absolutely love it! I found this toner after I stumbled upon the Korean skincare and beauty website, Peach & Lily. All of the products that I’ve purchased from this site have been ones that I continuously use, time and time again.

Anyways, the awesome thing about this particular toner is that it lasts forever. I usually only have to buy this product twice a year, so the price you pay is 100% worth it, in my opinion. I use this toner in the morning and at night right after I wash my face and put on my witch hazel toner as mentioned in last month’s Top Picks.

I use two toners for the sole reason that my skin is a combination of both oily and dry, and I like using the witch hazel to keep blemishes down, and then following up with Be The Skin’s to add instant hydration and firmness to my skin.

Also, this Power Toner is made of all-natural ingredients and it smells amazing!

Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion + – $27


I just started using this lotion back in May and I fell in love with it instantaneously. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, my skin is sensitive and reactive at the same time, so while some days I’m oily, other days I have dry, flaky skin on my face.

The biggest difference that I’ve noticed since I started using this particular moisturizer is that I no longer have any of that dry, flaky skin whatsoever. I even made sure to test it when I was at the beach this past week since the salt water usually dries my skin out. There was not one bit of dry skin on my face that entire week.

I use this moisturizer both morning and night as the last step of my skincare routine. I use three pumps of the lotion each time that I use it, and I just purchased a new bottle the other day. So, it does last for quite a while! They also sell this lotion in smaller sizes, so if you wanted to simply try it out before purchasing the pump bottle, you could.

Clarisonic Mia 1 Cleansing System  – $129

This Clarisonic scrubbing brush is without a doubt, my most prized skincare product.

I’ve had my Clarisonic for over 5 years now and I use it twice a day, so I’m really happy with the investment that I made in it. I honestly never really realized how much gunk and dirt I left on my face when I was just using regular cleanser without a scrub brush. That was by far the most eye-opening thing that I noticed immediately after I started using this product. Not only was my skin super soft, but I knew that every trace of makeup, dirt and sweat that had accumulated on my face throughout the day was gone.

Since using it, I can’t even imagine going back to a routine where I’m not using it. It’s also significantly cut down the amount of money that I use on skincare products. Because it gets my skin super clean, I’m not constantly running to the drugstore for acne spot treatments. Not to mention, I use far less cleansers than I used before using this scrub brush.

Every three months or so I will replace the brush head on my Clarisonic. They have a couple different options of scrubbing heads to choose from depending on your skin type. I personally use the acne cleansing brush head.

Old Whaling Co. Bar Soaps in Bergamot & Grapefruit and Bamboo & Teak – $6 each


If the names of the products didn’t give it away, these are handmade bar soaps made right in Charleston, South Carolina. As I mentioned in Monday’s post, I stumbled upon Old Whaling Co. while shopping at the Charleston City Market.

I just started using these soaps this week, and I love them! They smell so yummy and they don’t leave your skin feeling sticky and stiff like other bar soaps tend to do.

The Bergamot & Grapefruit soap can be used on the face or the body, being as it contains activated charcoal. The Bamboo & Teak soap is an exfoliating soap bar, so I’m excited to start using this one once I run out of the current one that I’m using, Seaweed & Sea Salt.

Shea Moisture’s Raw Shea & Cupuaçu Frizz Defense Styling Gel Cream – $11.49


I’ve been using this hair product for nearly seven months now and I have seen a difference in how crazy-frizzy my hair is! Being as I started using this product in late fall of last year, I was dealing with minimal frizz on a daily basis. Despite that, I kept using it.

What I love about this gel cream is that it keeps your curls intact, without them feeling crunchy or sticky like hairspray and other products can do. I’ve been trying to use all natural products on my hair, which is why I stopped using hairspray in the first place. All of Shea Moisture’s products are made with natural and organic ingredients, so you really do know what you’re putting on your hair.

Anyways, this summer was the first summer that I used this product and I think it’s been doing a pretty great job. The humidity makes my hair look like a lion, not even kidding. This product seriously tames my mane and makes it look like it did in the winter months when I started using it!

I simply squirt a quarter-sized amount of product into my hands, flip my head over and scrunch the product into my hair. Not to worry, it doesn’t make my hair crunchy at all! As long as you’re conscious of how much of the product you use, your curls will look and feel amazing and frizz-free.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for today! I will be back with another new post on Friday, so stay tuned!

Until then, keep smilin’, dance around to some cool jams and keep spreadin’ those stylishly good vibes!




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