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I hope that you all had a super fun and enjoyable weekend! I’m back on the blog today to share the final part of my Italy Travel Guide with you. This Week: Bolzano!


When I was planning my trip to Italy, I wanted to make sure that I didn’t only see the major cities, but that I also saw places that people don’t usually venture to. That’s where Bolzano comes into play.

Bolzano is about five hours or so from the Austrian border, so German is more commonly spoken there! All of the menus and street signs were also in German, so any Italian that I had retained thus far went completely out the window. I did my best to try and remember the language by digging into the depths of my memories, all the way back to 7th grade German class.


Bolzano reminded me a lot of a place that you would have seen in the movie, “The Sound of Music.” The rolling green hills, lush vegetation and the architecture of the buildings just screamed “Sound of Music” to me.

It was such a quaint little town in comparison to both Rome and Florence. You feel as if someone plopped you right into a dream landscape! For me, it was such an oasis from what I was used to.

While in Bolzano, I ventured to the South Tyrol Museum of Archeology, which I highly suggest to anyone with interest in archeology. After going to the museum, I stumbled upon this restaurant named Batzen, which served authentic German cuisine. Needless to say, I ordered myself a good ol’ beer, sourdough pretzel, and brat and thoroughly enjoyed my meal!

Lunch at Batzen

The thing about Bolzano is that when you’re there, you don’t even feel as if you’re in Italy anymore — that is how surreal it was! I can’t even muster up the words to explain how beautiful it was, but I hope that my pictures do this amazing city some justice!


On my second and last day in Bolzano, I decided to venture to Renon/Ritten which was just up the mountain. The easiest way to get there was by cable car, and as I’ve probably mentioned in previous posts, I’m terrified of heights. But I refused to let my fear keep me from going to see Renon!

Views from the cable car

The second that I stepped into the cable car, it was as if my fear completely vanished. I think it just took me actually getting on the cable car to realize that I was going to be completely fine. Once the cable car started moving up into the mountains, I was walking around taking pictures and videos! I honestly was like, who is this person who’s unafraid of heights?! Oh, it’s me!

Anyways, the ride from Bolzano up to Renon/Ritten took about 17 minutes or so, and the entire time I was completely mesmerized by the spectacular views. After reaching the top of the mountain, we took a little train further up into the mountains to reach the Earth Pyramids.

Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 6.57.59 PM
Earth Pyramids

The pyramids are naturally formed and they are the tallest in all of Europe, so I was excited to see them! Once I got off of the train in Klobenstein/Collalbo, it was a little bit of a hike to the Earth Pyramids, but luckily there were signs leading the way and lots of little shops and restaurants to stop at!


The majority of the hike to the Earth Pyramids was through the town of Renon, however there came a point where the sidewalk ended and I continued on a dirt path into the forest. From there, it was about a ten-minute walk to the Earth Pyramids. The pyramids were so cool! If you’re anything like me and love being outside and hiking, then this is the perfect afternoon activity in Renon.

Cactus House seen on the way back from the Earth Pyramids

After going to the Earth Pyramids, I made my way back toward the cable car. Before heading back down to Bolzano, I stopped for lunch at the restaurant at the Hotel Post Victoria.

View from the Hotel Post Victoria

The views from the restaurant were insanely amazing and the food was super yummy too! I had this sautéed vegetable stack with huge slices of mozzarella cheese. It was honestly one of the best lunch experiences that I’ve ever had!

Lunch at Hotel Post Victoria

After lunch, I headed back over to the cable car and rode it back down to Bolzano!

If you’re planning a trip to Italy, don’t forget to check out Bolzano & Renon/Ritten. It is such a beautiful part of Italy that shouldn’t be missed!

I’ve loved sharing my travels with all of you! I’m so excited to see when my next chance to travel will come. I hope that you were able to take something away from my Travel Guide of Italy, and I can’t wait to continue to share my travel adventures with you all!

As always, thanks a bunch for reading!



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