From Day to Night: The Plaid Dress


Outfit Details for DAY VIBES:

Mona Plaid Dress (Anthropologie), Sherpa Jacket (Urban Outfitters, similar option here), Boyfriend Jeans (Urban Outfitters), Chelsea Sneakers (Nordstrom Rack, similar option here), Crossbody Bag (Charming Charlie)

Outfit Details for NIGHT VIBES:

Mona Plaid Dress (Anthropologie), Classic Moto Jacket (Forever 21), Black Skinny Jeans (Articles of Society), Fringe Booties (Sam Edelman), Crossbody Bag (Charming Charlie, similar option here)

Hi everyone!

I hope that you’re all having an awesome Monday so far! I wanted to use today’s blog post to showcase an item that can transition from day to night with a simple swap of jacket, pants, purse and shoes.

I’m all about simplicity in style, especially when I’m busy all day. Occasionally I won’t have time to go home and change after work for a night on the town, which in some cases means I’m wearing something that I really don’t want to wear for a night out. But by choosing one statement piece that remains consistent from day to night, you can easily take an outfit from casual during the day, to edgy for night.



To start, the Mona Plaid Dress from Anthropologie is clearly classified as a dress, however it’s definitely more of a tunic on me because of my height. Despite the shortness in length of the dress, it’s become one of my favorite things to wear right now. Although it’s a short-sleeved dress, I think that’s what makes it so fun to wear, and you can easily throw a sweater overtop to combat the cold.

For the day look, I was thinking casual and comfortable, which is why my mind immediately went to my distressed boyfriend jeans from Urban Outfitters. I’ve mentioned them before on the blog and that’s because they are my FAVORITE pair of jeans.

Have you ever had that one article of clothing that you’re immediately drawn to when you open your closet doors? The one that has been there with you, year after year? That for me, is these boyfriend jeans. They have memories weaved into the stitching! A little dramatic, but I’m that person who will remember years later what I was wearing on a birthday or big event.


Anyways, pairing the Mona Plaid Dress with the distressed boyfriend jeans might not be the first thing that you would think to pair the dress with, and I get that! The light wash of the denim counteracts with the darkness of the dress, but I’m drawn to it. The addition of the sherpa jacket was the frosting on the cupcake for this outfit!

Onto accessories, these Chelsea-inspired sneakers were one of those hidden gems that you find while shopping in the sale section. I bought them at Nordstrom Rack for $15 … you seriously can’t do better, especially when I wear them multiple times during the week. I went for a taupe crossbody as to not distract from the rest of the outfit. I finished it off with a crescent moon necklace that I got at a shop called Islands by Amity in North Carolina. It’s handmade by a local artisan, which makes it even more special to me.

The biggest thing to keep in mind when styling an outfit from day to night is to try and create balance throughout the entirety of the outfit. If you’re wearing something that has a repeating pattern, like the Mona Plaid Dress, you should probably avoid excessive amounts of jewelry. This will only distract the eye and take away from the awesomeness of the entire outfit, if you ask me.




Talk about a complete 360 from the outfit for daytime! When I started to brainstorm about how I would transition the Mona Plaid Dress to nighttime, I wanted it to be significantly edgier than the look I wore for day. I found this classic moto jacket in the back of my closet and was immediately inspired! I bought it years ago from Forever 21, and although it’s not the real thing, it’s pretty close!

From there, I decided to put on my black skinny jeans. I was initially thinking about wearing my black distressed skinnies, but I felt as if the dress would be best suited with a clean cut pair of black skinny jeans.


Up next: Accessories! I obviously went for my favorite Sam Edelman fringe booties because they complete the outfit. I kept the crescent moon necklace on because that pop of gold really stands out against the black jacket and pants. Finally, I swapped my taupe purse for a patent leather one with silver grommets.

When it comes to the overall concept of this blog post, I realized that I would wear the DAY VIBES or NIGHT VIBES outfit at any point during the day. I only say that because the Mona Plaid Dress is such a versatile piece that it’s meant to make that transition from day to night.

If you were to choose another statement item to keep consistent throughout the day, it could be a different story! But for this particular statement item, either outfit could be worn during the day or night.


Stylishly Good Vibes’ Bit of Advice:

Take a risk and wear something that’s out of your comfort zone!

When I first sparked an interest in fashion and personal style, I thought that there had to be a formula to everything that I was wearing. I read all of the latest issues of Elle, Vogue and Glamour looking for the answer for how to be “fashionable.” I’ve grown up a lot since then, and through that growth I’ve learned that one of the best things about fashion is its ability to be anything that you want it to be!

Wearing things that you wouldn’t necessarily wear on a day-to-day basis expands your horizons because it shows you how fashion can be molded to fit your own specifications. If I hadn’t started experimenting with what I wore, I think that my love for fashion would have dulled over time. So take a chance with your own personal style!


I hope that you feel inspired to take one statement item within your closet and style it from day to night! I find this to be one of the most exciting things to do when it comes to experimenting with personal style. I love mixing different patterns and textures to see what looks the coolest and reflects my personality, or how I’m feeling that day.

As I begin my last semester of college, I’m feeling super nostalgic about how much I have changed for the better throughout my college career. It’s all about finding things that make you genuinely happy and bring positivity into your life. I’m so grateful and thankful for all of the amazing people who encouraged me to make this blog! It’s gone from a little side project of mine to a passion project, one that I hope to continue for years to come!

Stay tuned for more from Stylishly Good Vibes!

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