Last Call for Autumn


Guess who’s back… me! It’s me!

Outfit Details:

Tunic (Forever 21), Oversized Cardigan (Figleaf Boutique), Scarf (Figleaf Boutique), Boyfriend Jeans (Urban Outfitters), Booties (Sam Edelman), Crossbody Bag (Kate Spade)


Hello my amazing good vibers!!!

I feel like every blog post that I’ve written in the past three months has been me apologizing for not blogging. So, I’m not going to do that! Everyone knows that people get busy, things don’t get done and plans fall through. But, what’s important is that I’m back and ready to keep spreadin’ good vibes!

I’m currently in disbelief that it’s actually November and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Not to mention, it’s almost Stylishly Good Vibes’ first birthday! So exciting!


When I created Stylishly Good Vibes, I legitimately had no idea what I was doing. I wanted to create something amazing on my own, so I dove head first into the blogging world. I’m not even kidding when I say that I woke up one day, Nov. 10, 2015, and said to myself, “Today’s the day I’m making my blog!

It’s nearly a year later and I’m still learning the ins-and-outs of this crazy world of content creation. But that’s my favorite part about blogging, being able to express my creative juices through the things that I write, the outfits I put together, and the pictures that I post.


For today’s post, I had the idea of throwing all of my favorite pieces together, in hopes that it would be a cool outfit.

That’s kind of how I go about everything in life:

Throw everything up in the air at once and hope for the best!


This oversized faux suede cardigan and plaid scarf are some of the newest additions to my wardrobe, and I’m so happy that they are. When I bought them, I had no reason or need to be buying them, but ya know what…sometimes you’ve just got to TREAT YO SELF!

The cardigan is so soft and I’m able to throw it over anything. It’s basically like wearing a really cozy robe, minus the whole ‘wearing a bathrobe in public‘ thing.


I’ve posted about these distressed boyfriend jeans in my Denim Style Guide, but they’re so amazing that I just had to include them again. These jeans are the holy grail of denim. I’m not even exaggerating!


I’m super picky about jeans, so when I find the right pair, I know that it’s meant to be. When I first bought these jeans, I didn’t like them. They sat in my closet for months because I felt like I couldn’t move around like a human being while wearing them. Turns out, all I needed to do was wear them around a little bit to loosen them up!

New jeans are essentially like a new pair of boots. They’re going to be super uncomfortable right when you start wearing them, but you’ve got to move past that because they’ll be the comfiest item in your wardrobe in just a few wears!


My biggest piece of advice with denim is to avoid washing as often as you can. I know what some of you are thinking, “Ew, that’s seriously disgusting.I promise that it’s not! Unless your legs are profusely sweating when you’re wearing your favorite jeans, there’s really no reason to be washing them after each time you wear them.

 If you don’t want your jeans to last you a lifetime, then wash away! But if you’re anything like me and cherish your denim, don’t wash every day!



Accessorizing this outfit was a TON of fun because I incorporated one of my favorite purses and necklaces. If you look closely, you’ll see that my necklace has three charms on it:

a Super 8 ball, a soft pretzel and a lawn gnome

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering what in the world those three things have in common.

Absolutely nothing.

That’s the point! I chose these charms because I thought they reflected my personality.


We have so much to look forward to with winter ahead of us and the holiday season approaching ever so quickly! There will be much more to come from Stylishly Good Vibes! Keep spreading good vibes to those around you! 

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