How to Wear Bright Colors


Photography: Andrew Downing

Outfit Details:

Embroidered Crop Top (H&M), Lime Green Skirt (Forever 21), Fringe Wedges (Minnetonka), Floral Purse (Urban Outfitters), Pink Disc Necklace (Beads and Things)


Welcome back to Stylishly Good Vibes!

Although the April showers haven’t brought May flowers quite yet, the blossoms were in bloom for this week’s blog post. We received permission to take photos within a greenhouse and it was honestly the coolest experience.

This week’s post isn’t only about choosing a particular color to pop within your outfit; it’s also about choosing an outfit to coordinate with your surroundings. I recently read an article (can’t remember where b/c I read way too much) about how when in doubt, dress to match your surroundings. I kept that in mind when planning this outfit because I wanted to be able to blend in with the foliage of the greenhouse.



This lime green skirt instantly stood out to me as an item that would fit into the color pop portion of this blog post, as well as it being able to blend in with my surroundings at the greenhouse. I have had this skirt since my senior year of high school… I am now a senior in college (OMG, CRYING!). This just goes to show that if you take care of the garments within your closet, they will last you for years.

I used to get nervous wearing this skirt because it’s so bright and color popping that I was worried I would stand out too much. This is another life lesson from me: Stand out in every opportunity that you can! I for one used to be nervous about going against the grain and being different, but honestly, there’s no better way to live your life than by being different.


Onto the next component of this color popping outfit: The white crop top. I remember saying to myself about a year ago that I was never, ever going to wear a crop top again. It’s nothing against the shirt, it’s just that it’s so easy to mess up the styling of it. The key to styling a crop top is to pair it with something high waisted.



Next up: Accessorizing!

In the past couple of years, I’ve noticed everyone becoming obsessed with floral crowns. But with that obsession comes awful attempts at something that should be beautiful and natural. Instead of buying a cheaply made floral crown that looks tacky, make your own!

I made this floral crown with leftover baby’s breath that I had saved from a floral arrangement. You’ll probably think that it sounds complicated, but I swear it’s easy!

To create your own, follow the steps below!


Wire (any type will do– the thicker, the better)

Floral Tape (it will be green in color)

Small flower buds of your choice

  • Take the wire and measure it out to the width of your head and cut. Take another piece of wire and wrap it around your first piece. This will ensure that the crown is strong and stable.
  • After you have wrapped the wires together, take the floral tape and wrap it around the wire crown. This will help to give it a natural look.
  • Take your flower buds and cut them so that the stems are about 2-inches long.
  • Once all flowers are cut, begin to place them onto the crown on an angle. As you place the flowers onto the crown, use the floral tape to wrap the stem around the crown. This is an ongoing process. Don’t try to put too many stems on at once because you can always go back in and add more once you’re done!
  • Continue the process until the front of the crown is entirely covered with the flowers. I left about a six-inch gap at the back of the crown because I didn’t have enough baby’s breath to go around the entire crown. You can also do this if you are looking to create a fuller look at the front of the crown.




Another great way to accessorize this color popping outfit is by layering your favorite necklaces. As I’ve mentioned before, every piece of jewelry that I own has some sort of sentimental meaning to me, and that’s an incentive towards wearing my favorites everyday. I usually pair necklaces in varying lengths to prevent them from tangling.

It’s not about going out and buying all new necklaces in order to do this. I actually made the large, pink disc necklace that I am wearing, and it’s one of my favorite pieces. Making jewelry is a hobby of mine and I’m sure that it could be one of yours as well, if you give it a chance.


Check out the remaining photographs for color popping style inspiration!





With summer brings graduation, and with graduation, brings the sad reality that my photographer, Andrew, has graduated and will begin his adventure towards being an adult. As upset as I am that he will no longer be my creative confidant, exploration companion and talented photographer, I know that he will do absolutely amazing things in the real world.

Stay tuned for more blog posts this summer on Stylishly Good Vibes!


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