From Brunch to the Bars


Photography by Andrew Downing

Outfit Details:

Floral Blouse (Kimchi Blue), Lavender Skater Skirt (Kimchi Blue), Amethyst Tag Necklace (Urban Outfitters), Wood Heeled Bootie (Dolce Vita), Black Strap Wedges (ShoeMint), Taupe Crossbody Bag (Marc by Marc Jacobs)


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Now, I know what you’re thinking, why is this week’s blog post titled, “From Brunch to the Bars?” Well, the idea came to me while I was eating the same boring protein bar that I find myself shoveling down every morning for breakfast.

As I munched on the chia seeds of my subpar breakfast bar, I got to thinking about how obsessed everyone has become with the idea of going to brunch. I honestly think that it’s become everyone’s favorite meal. But, why has no one ever talked about transitioning an outfit from brunch, to work, to the bars post-work? To me, it sounded like a pretty practical, and humorous prospect, so I just went with it.

To Brunch and Work…


The key to achieving the B-to-B look is to create a cohesive outfit that remains appropriate within multiple settings. Styling an outfit that would be fitting to wear to work, as well as brunch and the bars can be a bit of a daunting task to configure. However, it’s honestly a lot easier than you would think. A blouse and skirt combo or a dress will be the easiest outfits to transition, however a tailored pair of patterned trousers paired alongside a Peter Pan collared button up would also suffice.


The days of dressing scandalous on a night out on the town are over. I mean, realistically I never dressed like that, BUT in order to achieve the B-to-B look with only one outfit, you’ve got to ditch the deep v-neck and towering heels. The entire purpose of this outfit is its ability to shift through a busy day. Keep the outfit polished and sophisticated, that way you won’t be sent home from work due to an inappropriate outfit choice.


Now, when it comes to accessorizing an outfit for a B-to-B look, one only needs to carry two lipstick colors and two pairs of shoes to transfer the look from day to night. For brunch and work, I opted for a closed toe, wood heeled bootie, which are conservative and comfortable enough to wear throughout the day. I chose a mid-tone pink lipstick for day as well, as to not create a distraction within the workplace by wearing a darker shade. I’m wearing Clinique’s Raspberry Glace lipstick. Clinique’s lipsticks are my go-to because the lip color lasts throughout the day and moisturizes the lips as well.


The braided headband is my go-to hairstyle for a busy day when I’m constantly on the go. This style stays intact all day and keeps the hair out of the face. Whenever I rock this braid, people are always asking me, “IS THAT YOUR REAL HAIR?!”

Yes, this is my real hair.

To create this braided headband, part the hair down the middle. Now, part the hair down past the ear about two inches from the beginning of the hairline (on forehead). Any hair that is beyond the two inches sectioned off should be tied back to make the braiding process easier.

With a fine tooth comb, take the sectioned hair and comb to one side of the head. Grab three pieces of hair near the ear, ensuring that sections are small, and begin french braiding. Continue this process, adding more hair in with each pull over. While braiding, remember to pull the braid away from the forehead to achieve a little pouf of hair before the braid, as mine has.

If my explanation was of no help to you, which in all honesty that may be the case, there are tons of video tutorials on YouTube.



To the Bars…


When the work day comes to a close and you’re ready to hit the bars with friends or coworkers, swap those wood heeled booties for a strappy pair of black wedges and darken that lip color.

I don’t know about you, but I would much rather change my shoes than my entire outfit. Carrying an entirely different outfit with you for a night out is just a burden. Opting instead for a pair of shoes and lipstick is much more practical.


Instead of a more subtle lip color, I went for a light brown matte lipstick by NYX. For $6, these lipsticks are the best drugstore option that I’ve stumbled upon recently, and they last for hours! I chose to swipe on a darker shade of lipstick underneath the NYX matte lipstick just to give it a little something extra.

 If needed, touch up the eye shadow, swipe on a little more mascara and mist the face with rose spray to freshen the entire look for a night out on the town.


The Location…


For this week’s post, we decided to change it up by searching for a visually appealing environment to take pictures in. Andrew and I’s original plan was to take these photos on an abandoned railroad track with railcars and all that good stuff. But, just as life has its own plan, this idea did as well. We discovered upon arrival that there was absolutely no way for us to get onto the tracks. Oops. Onto plan 2.

We drove another 15 minutes back to campus to take photos at The Ridges. Now, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, a simple Google search will cure your curiosity. The aesthetic of The Ridges is absolutely spectacular. The bricks, rusted and worn down fixtures and overall Victorian vibe made it a totally awesome place for this week’s photoshoot.


Back on topic: The next time that you consider packing an overnight bag to bring to brunch and work just so that you have an outfit to change into after work, please stop. There is no need to change your entire outfit when all you need is a pair of heels and an intense lip color to take your look from brunch to the bars!

Stylishly Good Vibes!




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