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Photographer: Alivia Lansky

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Tunic (Free People), Pants (The Gap), Jacket (Urban Outfitters) Shoes (Nordstrom Rack), Blue Stone Necklace (Brooklyn Charm), Arrow Necklace (Madewell), and Moon Necklace (Islands by Amity)

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As winter break comes to a close and spring semester is on the horizon, it’s important to start considering whether or not you’ll be applying for summer internships. If you haven’t already applied, or are planning to do so, most internships will ask for an in-person interview. With that being said, it’s important to make a statement and leave a positive impression at the interview, and what better way to do so than by dress.

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I for one have never been a fan of the pencil skirt-and-blazer-ensemble. There are so many other ways to showcase your professionalism and personal style without having to wear an uncomfortable suit. Don’t feel like you have to invest in an expensive pair of slacks or a blazer unless you see them as vital components of your wardrobe. Although a well-fitted, neutral blazer is a staple for any woman’s closet, it’s not necessary to wear it for every interview that you may have.

For those interested in applying for internships within a business-related industry, consider wearing a fitted, sophisticated pair of pants alongside a patterned button-up blouse. For interviews such as those, it’s important that your outfit doesn’t overpower or distract from the actual interview.

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However, if you’re anything like me and are aiming for more creative or artistic internships, this is the perfect opportunity to flaunt your style! Employers within those industries will be looking to see your creativity and eye for expressing yourself. These professionals are more open to seeing their candidates dress uniquely, so pair together your favorite pieces and display your confidence.

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Now, once you receive confirmation for your interview, begin brainstorming your ideal outfit. This will not only save you time but it will help to instill a little bit of confidence before you go in for the interview. On some occasions, companies will disclose to you what you should wear to your interview, but if not use your best judgment. My advice when you’re stressing out about what to wear? Look for pieces that radiate confidence, professionalism and your personal style.

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Worried about what jewelry to wear for the big interview? Like I’ve said before, it all depends on the type of internship that you’re applying for. If you’re opting for a business-related internship, wear minimal jewelry for the interview. Pair your favorite dainty necklace alongside a watch and you’re good to go. For creative or artistic internships, opt for jewelry that compliments your outfit and expresses your personal style.


Don’t fear when applying for your dream internship! You never know, you may get the chance to live out your dreams. Be confident, trust in yourself and display your personal style and the rest will fall into place!

Stay Stylish!

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