What to Wear for the Holidays

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Photographer: Alivia Lansky

Outfit Details:

Velvet Dress (Forever 21), Sweater Vest (The Loft), Fishnets (Kohls), Heeled Boots (Sam Edelman), Necklace (Nordstrom), Initial necklace (Mud Pie), Lipstick (Clinique Sugared Maple)

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Let the holiday season commence! With the days only seeming to get shorter as we spend time buying gifts and decorating our homes, it’s easy to forget the true meaning of celebrating the holidays: Being surrounded by the people you love most.

 Although most of your favorite stores are bustling with sales for the season, prioritizing between what you need and what you want is incredibly important. Thinking ahead when shopping during the season will not only save you money, but it’ll prevent you from waiting in those long ‘return’ lines after the holidays.

Finding an outfit that can be worn for a variety of parties or holiday get-togethers may seem stressful, but I promise that it’s simple! Whether you choose to dig into the depths of your closet for an outfit like I did, or go out and buy something brand new, showcasing your personal style while still remaining seasonally appropriate is crucial.

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Wearing a dress for a holiday party shows sophistication and practicality, and it will be comfy enough to wear for an extended period of time. This velour dress is super soft and the sleeves make it sensible for the varying temperatures that this winter has provided us. I also love the deep purple of this dress because it really speaks to the changing color schemes of the season.

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When searching for a pair of tights to coordinate with your holiday ensemble, consider a patterned fishnet. On most other occasions I would opt for a sheer black pair of tights, but the holiday season is the perfect time to spice up your look. These fishnets would be a worthwhile investment in comparison to sheer black tights that rip and snag easily.

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For a holiday party or gathering, I like to keep my jewelry relatively simple and understated. This long, two-layered necklace is dainty, as not to overpower the rest of the outfit. For this particular occasion, I would recommend matching the metals of your jewelry as to not be overbearingly accessorized.

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This sweater vest has been one of the most functional gifts that I have ever received. It’s simple and flattering, making it perfect for anyone looking to leave that big, bulky jacket at home. I’ve paired this sweater vest over dresses, light jackets, and other long sleeve sweaters.

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However you plan on spending your holiday season, don’t forget to express your personal style. I wish all of you a very happy holiday spent beside the people you love most! Stay stylish!

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