Layering With Knit Sweaters

Squire's 16

Photographer: Alivia Lansky

Outfit Details:

Sweater (H&M), Tank (Forever 21), Green Pants (Gap), Bag (American Eagle Outfitters), Socks (Free People), Platform Converse High Tops (Urban Outfitters), Necklace (Free People)

Squire's 9

With the weather abnormally warm for December, I decided to take a trip up to Squire’s Castle, a 19th century estate buried deep within the woods. Although nothing remains but the cobblestone walls and brick fireplaces, it’s still one of the coolest places to explore and take pictures, of course! This week’s outfit is a little bit of everything: layering, earthy tones, and accessorizing to make a statement.

Squire's 11

Squire's 6

In my opinion, shoes are one of the easiest ways to modify an outfit. This platform pair of Converse has to be one of the most cherished items in my wardrobe. The amount of time I spent searching for these babies is absolutely insane. A friend of mine had a similar pair that I loved, so of course I started a search for a pair of my own. Small problem: no stores around me had them in stock.

When I took a trip to NYC a few weeks later, I decided to go to every Urban Outfitters in the city looking for those shoes. I eventually ended up finding them…on top of a 7-foot-high shelving unit. So, I did the only reasonable thing I could think of after weeks of looking. I climbed up to the top of this shelving unit to get my Converse. Although about eight boxes of shoes fell on me in the process, I walked out with the coolest pair of platform Converse.

Squire's 15

On a more stylish note, if you’re at a loss for what to wear this winter, consider layering cropped sweaters over your favorite summer tanks. Buying flowy tanks during those warm months will give you days worth of outfits if you consider pairing them alongside different types of sweaters. Look for sweaters that have some sort of cable knit pattern to them. It will  add a youthful effervescence to the entire outfit.

Squire's 5

Squire's 4

I can’t even begin to explain how many times I’ve been asked about how I get my hair the way it is. Wavy hair has become my trademark, so to speak.  Friends recognize me on the streets purely from seeing my hair, and I think that is something that everyone should try and create within their style. Find something that makes you stand out from others and embrace it.

To achieve this wavy look, I usually french braid my hair overnight. When I wake up, I spritz it with Herbal Essences Spray Gel and scrunch. Let it air-dry and touch up the front pieces with a curling wand. Ta-da!

Squire's 10

Squire's 12

Squire's 2

Stay tuned for next week’s post where I will be sharing my favorite holiday ensemble, perfect for any party or gathering that you may be attending! Have a stylish week!

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