How to Dress for the Changing Seasons

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Sweater (Free People), Poncho (Urban Outfitters), Jeans (Nordstrom Rack), Necklace (J.Crew), Hat (Anthropologie), and Shoes (Sam Edelman)

Welcome Back to Stylishly Good Vibes!

Although this week has already brought us freezing cold temperatures and a dusting of snow, the anticipation for Thanksgiving has me so excited for the start of the holiday season. With Turkey Day just a few short days away, it’s hard to believe that the time has already come to pick out an outfit that’s stylish and appropriate for the celebration. For me, Thanksgiving calls for blending warm, neutral colors together alongside knit and wool fabrics.

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The poncho, or oversized scarf is by far one of my favorite trends for the season.  Gone are the days where wearing a bright pink poncho from Limited Too is considered stylish and in comes ponchos and scarves in a variety of patterns, colors, and fabrics. My rule of thumb for styling a poncho or oversized scarf is to pair it with anything that you think is cool! To me, there honestly is no rule for how you should be wearing this accessory, so style however you please. Ideal to throw on for a night out or a day of shopping for gifts, the poncho and oversized scarf are some of my holiday must-haves!

When trying to define your personal style, you should never be afraid to pair pieces together that might not necessarily look stylish when on the hanger. This outfit has become one of my favorites because it’s something that I never would have imagined pairing together until now. The feminine, delicate nature of the sweater downplays the severity of the color scheme of the poncho, making the outfit cohesive and chic.

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However you choose to dress for your Thanksgiving festivities, don’t forget to accessorize the look. An outfit can go from casual to classy with the addition of a pair of booties, sparkly necklace or even a hat. This outfit radiates with stylishly good vibes and is something that I could wear anytime during the year.

Call me crazy, but one of my favorite things to do is to look back at outfits I’ve worn for past Thanksgivings to see how much my personal style has evolved throughout the years. Trust me, the path to becoming comfortable with your personal style is an endless cycle, but it’s well worth the journey!

This year has given me so much to be thankful for, and I think that is something many of us can agree upon.  I am incredibly thankful for everyone who offers me consistent support and love in everything that I do. Without you, I would not be the person that I am, so I cannot thank you enough for that. I wish nothing but a happy and healthy Thanksgiving and holiday season to you all!

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Happy Thanksgiving!! 

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