Styling Bold Floral Prints

Anthro 1

Photographer: Rylee Axner

Outfit Details:

Patterned Pants (Anthropologie), White Blouse (Forever 21), Utility Jacket (LoveTree), Panama Hat (Anthropologie), Wedges (Sam Edelman), Nail Color (O.P.I. You’re Such A Budapest)

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Anyone who knows me knows that I love patterned pants. There is no better way to take an outfit from boring to exuberant than by swapping out jeans for a pair of these bold trousers.

I’ve had so many people tell me that they love the idea of wearing patterned pants, but don’t think that they could pull it off. Well, guess what? You can.

These pants are so much easier to style than people give them credit for, so take a chance!

Anthro 7

Patterned pants allow you to keep the remainder of your outfit relatively simple, which a lot of people find hard to believe. Having the patterned pants be the focal point of your entire ensemble is key when looking for pieces to pair alongside. My favorite addition to any patterned pant look is a utility jacket. Whether it’s in olive green or khaki, they’re a subtle and stylish way to complete the look.

Now, taking a detour to accessorizing a patterned pant outfit. The panama hat is seriously one of my go-to accessories to bring any look together. I never used to like wearing hats, but that’s all changed since finding the one that fits my face shape and hairstyle best.

Choosing a pair of shoes for this outfit is completely up to the wearer. You should, however, base your choice on the style of the pant. If pants are a flare or straight leg, go for a wedge or flat oxford. However, skinny jeans or more narrowly tailored pants would look great with a pair of wedge booties or combat boots.

Anthro 4

I’ve said it once and I will say it again. Personal style is all about experimenting and growing through that experimentation! Don’t be afraid to try this patterned pant trend because it is seriously so much easier to achieve than one may think. What better way to add a little fun and frenzy to your wardrobe than by experimenting with the patterned pant trend.

Anthro 6

However you feel like playing with this trend, have confidence in experimenting with quirky patterns! In my opinion, the more intense and bold the pattern of the pant, the easier it is to complete the outfit with more subdued pieces.

Looking for a pair of patterned pants to add to your wardrobe? My favorite stores to find them include Francesca’s Collection, Nordstrom Rack, and Anthropologie.

Stay tuned for next week’s post on Thanksgiving outfit inspiration!

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