How to Modify Your Wardrobe

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Photographer: Rylee Axner

 Outfit Details:

Sweater (Lithium Boutique), Jacket (H&M), Matte Purple Pants (American Eagle Outfitters), Scarf (Nordstrom), Leg Warmers (Abercrombie & Fitch), Boots (Lucky Brand), Necklace (Free People), Watch (Michael Kors) and Bag (Urban Outfitters)

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With autumn coming to a close quicker than we know it, altering your wardrobe to make room for sweaters, scarves and everything warm & cozy is a must! Although going to school in the south has extended the season significantly from what I’m used to, winter surely is sneaking up. The key to dressing for this in between fall-and-winter-season is to take full advantage of layering. There is no better way to create an outfit that will last you through the fluctuating temperatures of the day than by packing at least one layer with you at all times.

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This colder weather also brings more opportunities to express your love of accessorizing an outfit. From scarves and leg warmers, to chunky boots and funky purses, this time of the year offers endless options for taking an outfit from simple to trendy with just one accessory! I’ve never been a believer in the idea of removing a piece of jewelry before you leave the house. If you want to accessorize, just be conscious of what you choose to make a statement with. For me, if I choose to wear a statement necklace, I won’t wear any earrings. I do however, always wear my watch and rings because those are items that have sentimental meaning to me.

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Autumn is that one time of the year where my wardrobe radiates with neutral shades and hints of deep jewel tones. Keeping color palettes subdued during this pre-winter season is key, however adding a pop of color on a gloomy day will surely brighten the mood of the outfit.

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Having a great pair of boots to last you throughout the season is an investment worth making. Search for those made from leather that will provide you with traction for when the winter months bring ice and snow. My personal piece of advice? If you’re looking for a pair of boots that will last, avoid suede at all costs. The delicate nature of this fabric makes it super susceptible to water damage that can’t be reversed! But, like with any pair of shoes that you purchase, ensure that you spray them with some sort of protectant spray to prevent any damage.

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However you feel like modifying your wardrobe this pre-winter season, don’t forget to have fun with it! Personal style is all about experimenting with different trends and evolving through that experimentation. If you gain anything from reading this blog I hope that it’s the confidence to express yourself through dress. Thanks for reading!

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